Sunday, November 03, 2013

Hello from Hoi An, Central Vietnam

Hello boys and girls, I've been travelling for over a week already and I'am at the stage I don't know what day is today, actually I do because I need to catch my flight to Cambodia in a couple of hours.

Once I get home I will write a proper review of my trip to this wonderful country of Vietnam. What I can tell you is this place is going to become a major mecca for tourism in the near future, rivalling the neighbouring countries, the ones I still have to visit. What attracted me to this country is the fact it is still a bit raw, and I kind of like the fact I'm helping to cook the meat for future travellers.

3 night in Hanoi were perfect, it gave me time to adjust a bit to the time zone difference (11 hours), and also to see the city and get used to the crazy traffic of the city. It seems this is a good preparation for Saigon. Ha Long Bay was just out of this world, and my recommendation is make sure to book your trip with s good tour company, it will make a major difference to how your experience is going to be. One thing is a wished I had done this tour at the end of the trip and not at the beginning.

The overnight train to Dong Hoi from Hanoi was not fun, because I was scared I was going to miss my stop. It took around 12 hours to arrive in Dong Hong, a city I thought was super small but in reality if bigger than you expect. There is really nothing to do in this city, actually maybe there is but I went there just for the reason in visiting the caves in the region. You must visit Paradise cave, it is one of the most spectacular natural wonders I have seen in my life. There is no way to describe and pictures will no make justice on how beautiful this cave is.

Then another train ride to Hue this time, a city with a impressive royal palace, and a famous Perfume river, the one I decided to leave out of my visiting schedule because after so many raving reviews I wanted to check out what was the fuss all about the city of Hoi An, where I'm right now.

Hoi An is a jewel in this country, a place that will relax you instantly at the moment you seattle in your hotel room. Just walking around the old quarters is so peaceful, and this is during daytime. Make sure to wonder around once the evening arrives, because this city looks like is in a constant light festival. You can tell the strong Chinese and French influences in the architecture. Everywhere you will have people asking you if you want to have some clothes done on the spot.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone, and once I get back to Montreal I will write a proper review with recommendations et al. Make sure to check the visit my Instagram link to see some of the pictures and videos I have posted so far, and no worries I will post a better quality ones afterwards.

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