Friday, January 03, 2014

Review: Day 1 - Chus & Ceballos @ Stereo on Jan 1, 2014

I cannot remember the last time I sat down to actually write a proper review as in my golden days of “professional raver”.   I’ve been to many parties in different locations, big events, small venues, beach parties, festivals, you get the point.  

Countless time you heard “this was the best party ever” just to hear the same thing the weekend after.

Finally I believe I have a very broad musical taste, and shamelessly I’ll admit my heart and feet always tend to go more towards the House Music genre.  Yes,  I know there are several spectrums of House, but lets keep it simple .... and short alright?

Disclaimer: this is my personal view of the evening

After spending NYE with some crazy Brazilians in a house party in Montreal, I decided to sleep all day long to get me ready for THAT party.  I woke up scared at 2:00am because I thought it was already Thursday morning.  Got to Stereo at 3:00am and oh my gosh it was freaking freezing, good thing there was no line up.

Quickly made my way up the stairs until I was hit with this heatwave that made me think I had just landed in the middle of the Amazon in a Summer night.  It was wild, packed and just energetic.

Stereo was dressed for the occasion, or maybe it didn’t change clothes since the NYE celebrations, stars, balls and all the stuff hanging from the ceiling, including the occasional confetti.  Chus and Pablito were just dropping their Iberian house beats, and let me tell you the crowd was feeling it.

I’ve seeing C&C in Montreal, Toronto, NYC, Playa del Carmen, and São Paulo, and if you have’t seen C&C in stereo at Stereo in Montreal then you haven’t really “seeing” them yet.

Now lets go back to Wednesday to Thursday night - remember C&C had just performed an all night long in NYC, and arrived in one of the coldest day the city has seen so far. It did not matter if they were tired, or how cold it was outside because they transformed the dance floor in a magical place where time, human bodies and beats where synchronized in perfection.  Personally I haven’t seen Stereo like this in a while, and not just that, it stayed busy until later than usual, like the old times, remember?

The tunes were just divine, and the way the boys delivered this musical journey was just perfect and appropriate for each moment it happened.  House Music at its best with seamless transitions, appropriate tech layers that were peeled when needed, leaving the pure naked essence of the tribal sounds that were absorbed by the almost equally semi-naked bodies on the dance-floor.

What a night, and let me tell you, I’ve seen these boys countless times at Stereo, but this night was special, you could feel it in the air.  The way Pablo and Chus kept on moving just made me think they wanted to be on the dance floor with us. 

The imaginary line of the crowd was moved to the far left (±35x65), and as usual all walks of life were represented with a single mission, to have a good time. Beautiful people with sexy moves, and I don’t recall seeing too many “aggressive” types that don’t even excuse themselves to walk thru, this is what I call a (((stereolized))) crowd, good jobs boys and girls. 

Finally, I consider this party to be among the top of my list, and I’m sorry if you were not able to make it because I can truly tell you it was THAT party not to miss.  Many years ago after a (((marathon))) evening with Victor Calderone, I screamed his name and told him I wanted to have his children because he had been so incredibly amazing, got him to smile at least.  Victor I’m sorry to say but now I’m adding C&C to the list.

Left at around 10:00am not because I wanted, but because if I didn’t I would require a knee replacement today.  They played until 2:00pm, and I’m sure the place was busy until the end.

Happy New Years boys and girls, and holy vaca, what a party!

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