Friday, May 16, 2014

Iceland here I come

Confession time boys and girls, I know my work keeps me away from home very often, and now that the World Cup in Brazil is coming up I will have some briefing time for a bit of me time.  I was initially planning to take off to Croatia for a couple of days, but somehow it did not feel right this time.

Kept on thinking and Istanbul and Iceland came to my mind.  I know what you are thinking already, "why Iceland? Isn't cold enough in Canada?".  Yes, it is, but why not?

Finally I decided to take off to Iceland for 10 days, and find out what is that country all about. The best thing is I'm going to spend some time with one of my best friends in Halifax before I get to Iceland, and yes, this is going to be my first time in that city as well.

If you have some tips to give me, just email them to me.

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