Tuesday, November 25, 2014


This blog started as a natural spinoff from what I used to write at MTLNIGHTS.COM and now here we are: 200,000 Views.

What started as reviews for parties and events I attended, mostly at Stereo, has evolved - as Victor Calderon's parties - into something where traveling and dancing have merged, and the only way to express my thoughts is by telling you thru words.

Personally I still don't know why people are still reading this blog, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and whatever else new flavour comes out, there are so many other ways to entertain yourselves.  Then again, I'm entertaining myself by sharing my views with you.

Readers from the USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Israel, China, Vietnam, Iceland, Argentina, UK, France, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba and from any other places, thank you for returning to read the latest review.

Thank you guys ;-)

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