Saturday, May 09, 2015

Croatia and Istanbul 2015

The schedule is set and now I just have to wit a couple of more days to leave in my annual vacation.  Last year I got to visit the incredible country of Iceland, the year before Vietnam/Cambodia, and this year I've chosen Croatia and Turkey.

Unfortunately as you might know, in North America we don't have too many vacation days, so this is going to be around 18 days long trip mostly in Croatia and ending in the fabulous city of Istanbul. I will try to post pictures via Instagram and facebook, and when I return I shall post a report and more pictures.

  • Zagreb
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Zadar
  • Split
  • Hvar
  • Korcula
  • Dubrovnik
  • Istanbul, Turkey

and let me share one of the best videos of landing in Istanbul I've seen, I just hope I get to have similar view.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

El Salvador

I returned this week from a quick trip to El Salvador, my parents were celebrating their 50th anniversary and how could I not be there for that celebration right?

Initially my mother had mentioned we were going to a beach hotel, but when I got there the plans had changed.  My father concerned I spend most of my time in different hotels around Latin America, they decided to change the itinerary and instead we visited different places including activities my parents hadn't done before.

It was worrisome at the beginning but when my mother made it to the top of the San Salvador volcano at the age of 70, then everything is possible right? It was a well spent time with my family, and there are so many areas to visit in El Salvador.  Small country with diverse attractions, something for everyone.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Croatia in May 2015

So ladies and gentlemen in May I shall be taking a well deserved break, and this time I decided to visit the marvelous republic of Croatia. I know this is a big country, and in theory I would need at least a month to be able to touch a bit of its history. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with an European long type of vacation from work, so I have to run with what I have.

I"ll be arriving at the end of May and the plan is to spend 12 days in the country, arriving and departing from Zagreb. There are so many wonderful places I want to visit but this is where I need to manage my time, and perhaps it would be nice to hear some comments from you guys.

This is more or less my itinerary so far:

  • Zagreb: 2 days
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park: 1/2 day
  • Zadar: 1 day
  • Split: 2 days
  • Hvar: 3 or 4 days
  • Korcula: 2 or 1 days
  • Dubrovnik: 2 days
I'm torned between renting a car in Zagreb and dropping it off in Split, or just taken the bus between Zagreb, Plitvice, Zadar and Split.  Obviously with a car I would have the freedom to decided when and were I should stop, specially since I've been told there are some interesting cities between Zadar and Split.

The Split-Hvar-Korcula leg will be by boat, and although it will be mid-season when I'm there, the boat schedules are okay for my traveling needs.  Korcula to Dubrovnik I wanted to do it by boat as well but it looks like bus will be the transportation method - I don't believe the catamaran are working yet during the dates I'll be there.

In Dubrovnik I'll be catching a morning flight back to Zagreb so I can continue my mini vacation in Istanbul. I'll spend around 4 days there, and I know I could use those days in Croatia, but Istanbul got added to the mix.

What do you think of the itinerary?  I'm turned about spending 3 or 4 days in Hvar, which would mean one more or less day in Korcula, or maybe should I just ditch Korcula all together and stay in Hvar?  I could do some minor trip from there I guess.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, and yes, you should expect a review about Croatia and Istanbul.  Every time I write one I say it won't be as long as the last one, but it never happen.