Thursday, May 21, 2009

Berghain & Panorama Bar - Berlin


Really looking forward in reviewing this famous gay club in Berlin (August), situated in a former power station behind the Ostbahnhof. Beside their legendary parties, the club is also famous for its door policy, which no knows exactly what is, but everyone has an opinion about it:

Don't speak English
Don't go in big groups
Don't make eye contact with the bouncer
Don't wear a suit
Don't bring your camera
Don't bring your IPhone
Don't go with more than 3 girl

You get the idea, so I hope They allow me in, because I really want to know if it is true what they say: "Don't forget to go home". Gayer in the ground floor (Berghain) and straighter upstairs (Panamora), will try to get in my best shape ever, and look very innocent, and maybe, just maybe the bouncer will like me and let me in.


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