Monday, November 27, 2006

Victory Ball @ Koolhaus (Toronto) - Nov 25, 2006

Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2007 was chosen last Saturday Nov 25, and in order to celebrate, DJ Sydney Blu was the one asked to spin for the boys at the Victory Ball.

First I have to say the MLTC should ask the BBCM to show them how to create an interesting mini-show without interrupting the whole party. The mini-show which probably lasted for 30 minutes was too long and boring.

The Koolhous at the Guvernment, is an interesting venue for parties. The sound system could be improved but the venue itself is very versatile. I enjoyed very much the fact they use their lighting to reduce the dance floor area. Meaning, when people start leaving, it looks as if the lights were only used in the area where there were people, shredding off the sense that the place started to get empty.

This was my first time hearing DJ Sydney Blu, and I was kind of concerned I wouldn't enjoy her set, because it looks like she is totally into the proggy electro sounds. I was totally wrong, she was able to adapt her music to the mostly gay crowd of the party, and we had a fabulous time dancing to her rhythms. She also has this incredible energy, and she is able to interact with the dancers in a very interesting manner. Super set by this girl, and looking forward to the next party with her.

The crowd was, let me put it this way, rough, leathery and very dirty. I'm not very much into the leather thing, but as far I was told, the Toronto people were really well behaved compared to people from other similar parties, such as the Leather Ball in Chicago, or the Black party in NYC. I still found it very heavy, but at the same time I really liked my outfit.

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Patrice said...

You should show us your outfit.
I am certain you look dashing!