Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's not over yet @ Stereo - Jan 1, 2007

Monday night, a little bit tired because of the NYE parties, but excited because it was David Morales the one in charge of the night. Arrived at Stereo at around 10:30 pm and it didn't take long to go thru security, and there I was, once again under the disco ball, and Sami Dee was up there having a party in his own.

First thing I heard was "Happy New Year", and again, until I realized it was Sami Dee the one screaming his lungs out wishing everyone a happy new year. My friend looked at me and told me Sami probably wasn't going to warm up the crowd, he was going to give everything he had in his hands, and I should save some energy because Morales would also come out with a full swing. This is when I also noticed there were some guys that kept bringing boxes and boxes of beers to the bar. They must have sold out of beer the night before, and I wonder if they had to scoop whatever beer was left from around the city.

The place slowly filled up with people, but it didn't matter to Sami because the sound was already loud enough an he was way up there, jumping, screaming, and interacting with the crowd in an interesting way. The music was super energetic, and he started to drop some tunes that we usually hear later on in the evening. The music was good, my only complain is that he was not being consistent, he would energize the dancers, then slow them down, back to the super energy, then slow down again. On top of that he kept stopping the music for too many seconds. By this time, the place was already full, I was already sweating like crazy, and my friends were telling me "we need Morales now".

I always love when Stereo set up the podiums the way they did for this party. There was one podium in front of the DJ booth, one almost under the disco ball, one in the gay side, another in the straight area, and the ones in the back area. Those podium were a hot commodity during the whole night, some really good and sexy dancers up there.

The crowd for this evening was what is expected from a Morales night - everyone from the human race was represented, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were some out of space people as well. Great vibe coming from all corners of the building, smiles, sensuality, sexuality, friendship, curiosity, you name it, everything was present during the night.

Don't know what time Morales arrived, but everyone was waiting for him, and he caused some noise when he finally took over the DJ area. The music, the music, the music - how can you not dance to those tunes? It is impossible. Talk about diversity of the music, he went everywhere and anywhere, and never forgot to bring us along.

The big divas came out, the electro boys were out, the proddy tunes checked, tribal sounds, old classics, new stuff, and tied everything up with the talent of David Morales, and you have one great out of control party at Stereo. Loved when he started to play the song "Alone" (Maya), but this time the introduction of the song was a solo piano, which made me get some goose bumps. It was such an uplifting moment, which sent almost everyone up in the roof - what an incredible remix that was. Obviously he could not leave the place without dropping of my favourites, "Say Something", which again, drove the crowd while. Thinking about it, there were several times when the crowd responded to Morales, and I'm sure he loved the reaction he got from the dance floor.

If I'm not mistaken Tiesto was up in the DJ booth, when "Say Something" was dropped - the guy probably liked what he saw, because he didn't stop smiling for one second while he was up there. I also saw one of the hottest moment of the night, this straight friend of mine was dancing with his girlfriend, and another male friend. Next thing I know, he was kissing the other guy while his girlfriend was in the middle. I know he is not gay, and this made that moment even hotter than it already was.

The place was packed with a mixed crowd, with both beautiful men and women everywhere. The energy Morales is able to bring out of everyone is just incredible, love him or hate him, he is one of a kind. My only complain was that the volume was way too high, my ears stopping humming after two days, and this cannot be good.

I was able to get up in one of the podiums for a while, and my apologies to the people that almost hit or hit while I was dancing up there. It was not my intention, but the music was so good, that it was hard to control myself dancing. Danny Torrence showed up later on in the booth as well, not sure if he took control of it for a bit or not, but he was there having fun like everybody else.

Trips to the loo were not that bad as I expected, what was crazy was to find your way downstairs, because everyone was dancing a storm. Everywhere you looked, you could see happy faces, even I got this weird smile for a while, I couldn't stop smiling because I was feeling so happy. Happy not just because it was a NYE party, but because I was sharing this incredible moment with most of my friends. Even when my friends were not around, I was able to share some great moment with some total strangers, no need to talk, just to look at each other and continue dancing.

Once again, Morales has recreated this fantastic energy in the dance floor, and it was so much that by 11:00am I was totally exhausted. Some friends kept saying "I'm exhausted, but I don't want to leave because the music is so good", and this is exactly how I felt. Nevertheless, you must listen to you body, and this is what I did.

What a great party, and I survived it.

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