Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Max Herbert & Miss Honey Dijon @ Stereo - June 16, 2007

“Where should I go first? Parking, Unity, Academy, home?” Those were my thoughts on Saturday afternoon, later on was crystal clear I really need some sleep if I wanted to survive a night at the temple.

Arrived at Stereo at around 3:30am, no line up, no stress, easy parking, quick security check and there I was again, listening to some uplifting house music being played by Max Herbert. Not my first time seeing him in action and the music was what I expected from him. Chill out, happy, cute and all those adjectives, but not for long, he then started to go into this dark technoish happy pulsing hard beats which got me off guard. Had to look twice to see if Max was really the one at the tables. Nice change in style, and I’m not sure if it is permanent, but whatever he was doing really got me going.

The spill over from Parking began at around 4:30am, and people arrived raving about what Offer Nissim had done, and not long after Max decided to slow down the music by a notch. Personally I believe there was no need to slow down the party, on the contrary, specially since tons of people were arriving super pump up from the pre-parties. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed Max’ set.

The crowd was an interesting mix of everything, drag queens, regulars, newbies asking if the toilets were unisex, a Torontonian trying to smuggle in his camera, and lots of people asking what style of music they should expect from Miss Honey Dijon. My standard answer was “not really sure”, and then I would mention that perhaps it was something towards Chicago House style with some Tenagliash influence. The place was comfortably full, with good dancing areas for everyone.

Miss Honey Dijon started to spin a bit before 5:00am, and right at the beginning she started to deliver hard music. How to define her music? Not really sure, but I would say it was a combination of Chicago House music, spiced up with the classic New York underground style, not very commercial oriented tunes, presented in a funky way. I know, it doesn’t make sense, but when you are dancing like crazy at 8:00am on a Sunday morning, tell me if that makes sense?

Interesting play list, with super energy coming from the decks, good mixing all night long, and happy people all over the place., specially the nice crew from the Cirque du Soleil that were gracing the dance floor with their presence. They are not only good under the blue and yellow tent, but also incredible charismatic dancers under the giant disco ball.

Although I had slept before going to Stereo, my body gave up by 10:00am and this is when I said good bye dance floor, and hello to Stereo Bar, but just for a bit. Probably this also won’t make sense, but somehow during the evening I got hear the continuation of music I always wondered if there was one. Dijon showed me the second and third part of many of the songs.

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