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La Vie en Stereo – Fête a David Morales – August 25, 2007

Disclaimer: this is how I spent my Saturday/Sunday, which I'm sure was different to what you experienced during the night.

Didn’t know until probably midnight if I was going or not to Stereo. Thanks to friends from NYC, I was “forced” to go out dancing, and those who know me can tell you how hard is to get me moving to any dance floor.

Usually I like to arrive right at the beginning, to see the evolution of the night, but I was in no mood to arrive early, so next thing I know it was almost 4:00am when I made it to the line, and what a line. Too funny that some people kept asking me what I was doing lining up like everyone else. Sure they might know me at Stereo, but it doesn’t mean I have more rights than others, and this is where I stayed until a little bit passed 4:00am, which unfortunately only gave me the chance to catch around 10 minutes of Danny Torrence.

The place looked impeccable regarding the decor, and a little bit iffy regarding the crowd. Lot of newcomers, and an unbelievable quality and quantity of good looking people on the dance floor. Was security doing more than just checking what we were brining inside? Were they enforcing a crowd quality control?

Moved myself to the dance floor, and there he was, David Morales in person showing to one of his friends something up in the roof - I just hope it was not the plastic protecting the simple mortals against a possible rain during the night. No, it was not possible, he was pointing out to the décor of the place - I wanted to say hi, but I remembered we Montrealers let the celebrities alone, and I continue my journey to the back end of the building.

Reports from the night before were that the plastic divider was still in place, and this was one of the reason why I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go or not to Stereo. My relief was when I arrived, the Berlin wall was no longer there, and happy dancers were on stage killing themselves dancing.

Usually the change of guard happens at 5:00am but David Morales was probably anxious to start and a little bit passed 4:30am he took over the decks. Some people noticed he was already up there, and others had no idea there was a transition in thew works. Meanwhile I was trying to catch up with the rest of the crowd, feeling the music, the ambiance, the vibe. Looking around I could see the crowd going wild and weird at the same time. Don’t know how to explain, but the crowd got better with time, either because they got “Stereolized” or because the hard core crowd stayed and the rest left.

I wish I could talk a little bit about Danny Torrence set, but the line outside didn’t let me in on time, but I can talk about David Morales. Good or bad, David Morales is a star, I tell everyone if it is your first time at Stereo there is no better night than Morales night to start your introduction to the temple. He will give everything and more, love or hate him, Morales will be able to move you on the dance floor like no one else. Music will flow out of those speakers with a personal appealing, and louder or softer you will most likely get into it.

He rapidly moved into the Techno ground, and very well done, but we know he loves his divas, and so do I, it didn’t take long for those famous and delicious vocals start to come out, including his own favourite and becoming a classic now “Say Something” among others. I admit this song doesn’t move me as much as it did before, but it is still a good spoon to scup out good memories out of me.

Morales then move on to show us a little bit of what is going in Ibiza with those tunes people love to hate, and hate to love, as “Heater” and another Techno-Brazilian good remix, which I found kind of interesting. He also searched for some past favourites such as “He is“. The dance floor was equality receptive, some saying it was amazing, while others where like show us something else. Personally, I had a blast all night long, specially since I found a dance partner that made me move like no one else has done before..

David started with his T-shirt but it didn’t take long to lose it, and his energy was out of the roof. Jumping, pointing to the crowd, and who was the guy he was hugging at the decks? Was it the French DJ again? Obviously we had to have the famous Morales intromission, when he thanked the stuff, Danny Torrence and of course the crowd for letting this sacred place be what it is, the second house to many of us.

I was worried the place was going to become super packed, and I was even more worried when I saw the fire marshals going into Stereo while I was still lining up outside to get in. Nevertheless, the boys and girls of justice were joking and smiling with the big Stereo security guy. Not sure what they were talking while I was going thru coat check, but it was something about names in the guest list. Nevertheless, someone got kicked out of the building, and it was not fun to watch, then again I don’t think the guy even noticed he was already outside.

Tribal, Techno, Vocals, classics, even Vallenato, and more vocals, and add lots of energy, amazing place, different crowd and you have a recipe of success and failure, depending who you spoke to of course. Some people loved the night, and other didn’t enjoy as much as previous Morales appearances. Parties are like that, some people like it and others don’t, there are so many variables that must be considered in order to classify a party as a good party, and each person will have their own scoring system. Personally I had a blast at Morales, there were times I felt as if there were only two people in the dance floor, my dancing friend and I, and in others as if I was part of a movement of dancing energy.

The crowd became friendlier as the time went by, and I just love how sometimes you feel as if the fans installed in the four metal towers, are used to enhanced the experience of the music. I have to check that out but I’m sure Stereo changes the speed of the fans to match sometimes the music being played.

Fist of all, thank so much to my friends from NYC that convinced me to go to Morales Birthday Bash, Morales nights are usually memorable like the time when with the help of a drag queen, a spider web made of wool was created in the dance floor. Morales nights are magical and tireless, and even if this birthday bash didn’t have the best music ever, at least for myself it was definitely fun and happy. Second, thank you so much Morales for year after year of great entertainment in our city of Montreal - and I hope Morales realizes there are tons of people that share his enthusiasm for the temple of house. Finally, even though I said David’s nights are tireless, by noon I decided to leave the premises of the main floor, the one we get by walking upstairs, like as if we were walking towards a revelation, and yes there is one, the dance floor.

Happy Birthday David Morales, and have fun in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in your upcoming Brazilian gig.

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