Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oscar de Rivera & David Morales - Scareo @ Stereo - October 27, 2007

Disclaimer: shorter review than usual.

Let get to the point, and the first thing I have to say is how beautiful Stereo look with all those white/grey branches, crosses, church windows, little fire lamps, and everything else that was used as decor to dress up the place for Halloween. Stereo has even fixed the safety hazardous of the steps of the old metal stage in its new location. Finally, I guess I have to accept the fact the bar located in the dance floor area is not going anywhere - nevertheless I still don‘t like.

The Spaniard guest DJ, Oscar de Rivera, did one of the most gradual and perfect warm up sets I have seen so far at Stereo. Everything was perfect, the volume of the music, the chosen tunes, the speed in which it was delivered, and the progressive enthusiasm of the people created by all the aforementioned facts. Beautiful set and I think Oscar de Rivera deserves to be called back to be the main attraction of the nigh in a near future.

The Scareo theme was sufficient to make some people dress up for the occasion, but perhaps not as many as before. Nevertheless, I also recall in previous years, Stereo gave away prices for the best customs, which probably was an incentive for more people to dress up. The crowd was beautiful, mixed and happy, which is to be expected during Morales nights.

David Morales took over at around 5:00am and I think he gave us one of the most creative sets I have seen from him until now. I won’t go as far as to say it was his best set at the temple, but perhaps one of the most daring. He played all style of music, from his old classics, tribal, techno, vocals, reggae, minimal, French, Spanish, something I don’t recognize, and anything in between. If his mission is to make a global sound, well I think we hosted the musical planet during this night.

There were no speeches as far as I can recall, but there were many small pauses during the night. Again Stereo is a place where he can do whatever he wants, and probably this is why people keep coming back for more time after time, including me.

Fun night, and even if I say I might not go next time for his “la vie en stereo”, usually I always ended up going, because I don’t want to take a chance to miss the best night ever.

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