Sunday, October 21, 2007

Patrick Guay & Ana Paula @ Parking - October 20, 2007

First time I heard this girl spinning was back in August during Gay Pride in Montreal. Unfortunately due to other commitments, I didn’t get the chance to enjoy her performance for too long. I also missed her debut at Unity during the same week, when she replaced the diva Offer Nissim, and the reviews of the night were very positive. I’ve been reading about her thanks to my virtual friend Italo, and I became even more curious about this Brazilian jewel, since she was chosen to be one of “The Week” Rio resident DJ.

Arrived at Parking a little bit passed midnight, and this beautiful girl was already standing behind Patrick Guay getting ready for the beginning of her set. It looked like Patrick did an excellent job warming up the crowd, and even more surprising was the fact during his last song, she started to dance with him in the booth - talk about putting a smile in my face. Patrick gave her a big hug, the music stopped for 3 seconds and then the music started again. The song “Happy People” started to come out of the those speakers, and the electrifying energy of Ana Paula started to be felt in the entire club.

I had no idea this girl had so much energy, and on top of that she loves to interact with the crowd. What does she do next? She grabbed the divider in front of the booth, like trying to take it off, to be closer to the crowd, and thank you Parking for noticing because they removed the divider. Talk about making the people go wild in the club, I have only seen Danny Tenaglia do the same before.

Ana Paula’s performance was something out of this world. It was high energy from beginning to end, the crowd moved and moved, and cheered, and applaud, and most importantly danced to this delicious Tribal tunes she brought to the floor. The music was a selection of tunes we know and others that we really want to know more now. The combination of tribal, vocals, great energy, dancing DJ, good looking crowd, happy ambiance, sensual feeling, made this night one of the most enjoyable I’ve seen at this club so far.

I’m still cannot believe she kept the whole dance floor dancing at a super intensity level, during the whole time she was in charge of the decks. I was worried my legs would fell me, but fortunately they responded until the end. The lights came on at 3:30am but the music continued, until the security came to tell Ana Paula to shut the music down - time to say goodbye.

People didn’t want to leave, they were just there, standing, applauding and asking for more. I had the chance to thank her for such a great performance.

Thank you Parking for bringing this girl again to Montreal, and I hope it is not the last time. Unbelievable the number of people taking pictures of Ana Paula, and she always had this amazing smile for the photo up.

Some djs interact with the whole dance floor, Ana Paula interacts with the whole dance floor but if feels as if she is interacting just with you. Not sure about you, but I felt special - what a girl.


Dirceu Fernandez said...

Ana Paula é nossa queridinha do Brasil... e ninguem mais segura essa Dj... God Save the DJ... we love u too much.

Ricky Mastro said...

Ana has been my Diva since I went to my first party in Rio de Janeiro some years ago.

I remembered as it was yesteday how stunned I got to see her spinning!

Her charisma and energy are out of this world, and if I could pick a perfect party could be anywhere with these two superstar DJs: Ana Paula and Offer Nissim!

Go Ana!