Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bring Derrick May to Montreal

I have never had the chance to see Derrick May, and for months now I've been asking any afterhours in Montreal (Circus, Red-Lite and Stereo) to book him, but it looks like they are not listening. Parking could be an interesting option, specially since they play in the big league as well, there have been weekends in which the best DJs in town were at Parking.

I realize he must be super expensive to book, but if even small cities such as Split (Croatia) are able to "import" him, why not a fabulous city such as Montreal? The main opinion in the public forum is because Montreal music scene sucks - then I look around and almost every weekend we have world class talented djs playing in the city. We also have amazing local talents playing in different locations, and I find most of Montrealers are musically educated, in other words, I disagree with those that claim that Montreal music scene sucks.

Back to the topic of Derrick May, it would be an amazing experience to have a party with him in Montreal. I understand he played at one of the massive a while ago, except at that time I was not into partying as hard, plus I didn't have the music knowledge to fully understand what a legend he actually is, thanks to the Montreal music scene now I know a little bit more.

If you are reading this, and you have the means to book Derrick May, please bring him to Montreal. Once you do it, let me know and I will start promoting this guy in my blog.

and now I leave you once again with the master in Skopje (2006)

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