Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Miami Winter Music Conference 2008 - March 25-29, 2008

The who of the who in the electronic music will be in Miami at the end of the month, some are there to actually go to the fancy conferences at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa. Others, like some of my friends, will be there to party, and in days like today to forget the Canadian winter - I had to dig my car out of the snow this morning, and then dig a parking spot when I returned home.

If you are one of those lucky ones traveling to Miami for the WMC, pick your parties well, because there is so much talent. If I were to go, I would probably try to attend the events hosted by not very well knowns DJs.

By living in Montreal, we have the opportunity to see most of the gods of the electronic music (except Derrick May - please bring him to Montreal), and I think it is important to see what else is out there besides the Calderones, Tenaglias, Kleinenbergs and Morales of life. Who am I kidding? I would probably ended up dancing to the tunes of Chus & Ceballos at a local pool party in South Beach.

This year Canada is hosting its first "Canada loves Miami" party on March 26 at the Shelborne Beach Resort. If you have not being exposed to our national talent, please make sure to hit this event because the Canuckistan line-up is hot: Fred Everything, DJ Sneak, Luke Fair, Max Graham, Sultan, Jojo Flores, Hatiras, Jason Hodges, Jonny White, Nitin, The Roaches, Amalia Leandro, Danny Torrence, Vivie-Ann, My Favorite Robot and more.

looking at the schedule above, I kind of feel worry about the Black Party in New York City. Jonathan Peters is scheduled to play all day long at the 7th annual poolside marathon (12:00noon-10:30pm) in Miami, but then he is supposed to take over Stéphan Grondin at 4:00am at the Black Party in New York City. If I were Grondin, I would probably bring enough music to last me a long time - just a thought.

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