Sunday, June 22, 2008

Patrick Guay & Ana Paula @ Parking - June 21, 2008

Disclaimer: this is my personal view of the night

First of all, thank you Ana Paula for missing your flight to Canada back in May (I was out of the country), because this gave me the opportunity to see you in action in Montreal again. Second, loved the outfit she wore at Parking, this cute top with different colours on it.

Fourth time seeing this power house, and it is refreshing to see a female DJ doing so well in a very male dominated field. On top of that, Ana Paula is also able to attract a very diverse crowd, men and women, gay and straight, they have all become followers of this new export from Brazil.

Had the chance to wish her the best before the beginning of the set, and she looked energized, happy and ready for a good time. Patrick Guay was once again the DJ chosen to warm up the crowd, and once again I’m unable to talk about this set because I arrived few minutes before the transition to Ana Paula.

Although I find that Tribal is still running strong among the Brazilian Deejays (from the gay friendly venues), it was unexpected and encouraging to see Ana Paula moving away from the pack and adding some different trends to her set. I might be wrong, but I think I even noticed some Acquaviva influences in the first 30 minutes of music.

Several exclusive Offer Nissim remixes were played, loved her version of “Touch My Body”, and to tell you the truth it didn’t matter what type of house she played, everything had this Ana Paula touch on it. What is it? It is a touch of vibrant energy and charisma that makes you dance and smile.

She played some Minimal with this Latin touch, which was kind of interesting, the vocals were balanced during the whole evening, not too much and not too little, and sometimes it was just perfect the way some vocals were added in the middle of the song. The infusion of high demanding energy music was injected exactly when needed it, not that the crowd needed more motivation to keep dancing.

Beautiful crowd, and nice looking Go-go boys - people were dancing everywhere, at one point the crowd even took over the main bar, and they were politely asked to get down probably because there were too many of them. The place was packed from beginning to end, and sometimes Ana Paula got reactions from the crowd when perhaps she wasn’t expecting anything at all - it was nice to see it.

Definitely a special DJ, and I’m glad Montreal discovered her last year, and it looks like we are not the only Canadian city enjoying her music, because she is going back to Toronto for Pride, playing along side Tony Moran.

I can’t wait to see her at (((Stereo))) in August, and can someone please warn Ana Paula that (((Stereo))) has no closing time? Can someone also tell the BBCM to book her for the Black & Blue?

ps. My apologies but no videos from this party, but here is a short clip from Ana Paula at the Gira-Sol Party (The Week) last month.

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