Wednesday, June 04, 2008

what am I doing this Saturday?

Montreal has tons of good DJs with different styles of music. Personally I consider Danny Torrence and Stéphan Grondin being two of the best among all - please understand this is my personal opinion.

The question is: what am I doing this Saturday? Easy answer, I shall be dancing to the incredible tunes Danny Torrence will give us at Stereo on Saturday, it is the Climaxxx Grand Prix Edition.

Talking about Mr. Stéphan Grondin, this month he is jet setting around the Americas in style. He just came back from San Francisco, and this weekend he is flying to Vancouver for the Beach Ball party. Afterwards he will be back to Montreal for some drama at Tribe and to help with Unity anniversary celebrations, then on June 21 he will be taking over The Week International in São Paulo.

Enough? Not really because then Stéphan is going to be at the Aqua party (the docs) in Toronto on Friday June 28 (Pride week), and if this was not enough, Peter Rauhofer wants Grondin to open up his party at Pacha NYC on June 29. No wonder Stéphan Grondin doesn't have any "Levitate" party scheduled at Stereo during the Summer 2008.

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