Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tommer Mizrahi @ Parking - August 23, 2008

I had no idea who was going to spin at Parking last night, and to tell you the truth I had never heard of Tommer Mizrahi.

What did I think? Bizarre, and I'm sure there are lots of people that love his style, but it was kind of iffy for me. The reason why I'm saying it was bizarre is because individually each song played was fantastic, unfortunately it was not well tied up together. It is like when you drink an amazing beer and it is warm, the taste will not be the same, it has to be cold.

There were lots of build ups, but I didn't find he delivered at the end, perhaps if he had been able to join those great tracks with different music, maybe I would had felt the taste of it. Nevertheless, there were tons of happy people, and Tommer himself looked as if he was having a good time.

Parking got busy, but empty out a bit afterwards, there was actually room to dance. My understanding is that Tommer is a great Israeli producer, and I truly believe it by listening to his tracks last night, but putting all those great tracks together is another story. Anyway, this is my personal view and please feel free to disagree with me.


Anonymous said...

tommer was amazing he played all night and more. his music was happy as it sould be. ppl was having so much fun.

nicegay said...

dont know if all these track was of tommer but the music was perfect.