Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stéfane Lippé - Twisted Bad Boys @ Parking - August 1, 2008

DJ Stéfane Lippé
Guest Singer: Ceevox

Knowing there were thousand of tourists in Montreal, and hating to wait in line (yes, I do wait in line like most of you), we decided to arrive early to Parking. Usually people don’t start arriving until after midnight at the clubs in Montreal, but this rule does not apply to most of the other cities.

I heard by midnight there was already a 30 minutes wait to get in, and people were right in trying to be inside. Stéfane Lippé was on fire from beginning to end, and the more the crowd responded to the music the more intense he played.

My friend is right in telling me, it doesn’t matter what the weather looks like outside, Parking always seen to have its own weather system inside, specially when “water” starts dripping from the ceiling.

The music was a fusion of the good, chick, energetic and dark happy. Stéfane played an excellent set, bringing out not only the house happy vocals, but also some funky electro, some commercial tunes that we love to hear, some dark techy beats and everything in between.

Loved those little shorts and underwear wore by the sexy bartenders, and lets not go even there about the semi-erotic show presented by the guy throwing towels to the public - I wonder who caught the last one?

Ceevox, which I didn’t know who she was until Friday night - please excuse my ignorance - started to sing at around 1:00am. Happy tunes which I recognized but didn’t know who the singer was, and she moved the crowd with her voice.

The guest singer finished her performance and the party kept going with Lippé. The place was not packed, it was super stuffed with shirtless men, women, straight people, their friends, and an incredible festive energy in the air.

Did not stay until the end, had other things to do, but it was a nice started of my weekend. Wished I could and thanked Lippé for his great set, but looking at his smiling face I think the crowd did a good job thanking him in my behalf.

Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and LA were well represented during the night.

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