Friday, September 26, 2008

Parking or Unity

here is my dilemma for the weekend, one of my favourite DJs from Montreal, Danny Torrence, is spinning on Saturday night at Unity, and another great DJ, Ralphi Rosario, is taking over Parking also on the same night.

I haven't dance to Torrence tunes in a while now, and the same is true for Rosario. If Ralphi was the one in charge of the Alegria party on November 2, it would be an easy choice, but he is not. I also know Torrence will be spinning at Stereo Bar on Monday morning October 13, after the Black & Blue party.

Mark Anthony supposed to be spinning last at the Black & Blue, and I will probably not stick around to see that, and it is almost sure I will be heading to ((((Stereobar))) to finish my Monday.

What should I do? Parking or Unity?

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