Tuesday, September 09, 2008

(((Stereo))) @ Millennium - Victor Calderone & Danny Torrence - September 20, 2008

This is not the first time (((Stereo))) has hosted a party at Millennium, and it looks like they want to continue the fire alive by bringing their resident DJs together for a party.

Stereo, don't worry because you are not going to die within the hearts of all the Stereoheads out there, we are just hoping you come back alive soon alright? Ideally it would be great if Stereo were to host the Black & Blue recovery party with Victor Calderone, which probably were some of the greatest parties I had the chance to witness.

Never been at the Millennium complex, and although lots of people claim this place is horrible, I won't give my ranking until I get down there myself. Said that, knowing that Victor Calderone and Danny Torrence will be partying at this place on September 20, I might just decide to review the place myself. Plus I really miss Calderone and Torrence together.

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