Sunday, October 26, 2008

Offer NIssim @ Parking - October 25, 2008

Happy people, that is what you had at Parking last night, and to say the place was packed is an understatement, it was beyond packed, I call it at capacity plus.

Thanks to the door man for letting me in, because I arrived at 11:15pm and it was already sold out, but again how would I write a mini-review if I didn't make it inside eh?

Offer did what he does best, he entertained the crowd all night long, and on top of that, Parking with Offer Nissim was the Black & Blue for a lot of people. What? Let me explain myself a bit. Lots of people (not me), that went to the Black & Blue, were somehow disappointed with the music, because they didn't hear the vocals, the happy tunes, the ones that make you smile and everything that comes with the package.

Today I'm sure there are lots of people feeling pretty good, because they got the dosage of vocals they've been missing for a couple of days. Please don't think I'm endorsing Offer Nissim for the Black & Blue, but it wouldn't had hurt to add I don't know, maybe Ana Paula to the DJ mix? Talking about Ana Paula, if you think you saw her last night at Parking, you are right, she was there dancing and taking advantage of very deserved brake from her busy schedule.

If you stayed away from Parking because you knew it was going to be a full house, you did good, but let me tell you one thing, it felt great to be part of that intense and incredible vibe. Offer Nissim is not one of my favourite Deejays, but what a party he was able to create at Parking. Thanks Offer, but most importantly, thanks to the people for being so happy.

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