Monday, November 10, 2008

Pacha invading Florianopolis in the Summer 2008-2009

Pacha has finally decided to expand to one of the hottest spots in Brazil, and this Thursday they will have the gran opening of Pacha in the city of Florianopolis.

I love Rio de Janeiro, adore São Paulo, but if I were to move back to Brazil, Floripa would be my destination, and once you visit this city you will understand why.

Summer is just beginning in the Southern hemisphere, and on November 13, Roger Sanchez and Juan Diaz (resident Pacha Ibiza) will take care of the dancers in this Island of love. I just hope this Pacha will be a gay friendly club, if not, there is always The Week International Floripa.


RaffieB. said...

hey there....
Being following your site for more than a year now!
And just love the reviews you do!
Im brazilian, but living in London at moment... just adore the way you write about brasil and its been great so I can always keep myself up to date with the news!
Thank you again!
And fell free to come to London at anytime!
Raffie B.

Patius said...

Raffie, just wait until my next review coming directly from Brazil in 2009 :-)