Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday - November 22

yes, it is getting cold people, but that is not excuse to stay home. Wish I was in Madrid right now, but instead I'll be checking out DJ Vibe at Unity tonight. Junior Vasquez will be spinning at Parking, nothing wrong with him but he kind of dropped from my list. Stéphane Lippé is doing his usual gig at Circus, and then if you didn't have enough from DJ Vibe, he is moving the party to Red-Lite after his Unity gig.

By the way, I just decided what I'm going to do in the Summer 2009 - check my schedule below. I might change my mind, but I think it is going to happen.

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Lindinalva Zborowska said...

Copenhagen é babado forte!!! E não perca o Museu estnográfico com o manto tapúia e os Eckhouts!! O jardim da Gliptoteca é uma diliça e o Museu Thorvaldsen um desbunde!! Um beijo e me chama de little mairmaid!!