Monday, November 03, 2008

Tony Moran & Abel @ Alegria Halloween - Webster Hall - NYC - November 2, 2008

Do you know how many years it has been since I've been planning to go down to NYC for the infamous Alegria party? Too long, and this time I accepted the invitation of some of my friends in the area, and decided to hit this creation by Ric Sena, whom has taken twice this party to Rio de Janeiro.

I've seen the videos from previous parties, heard stories from different friends, and all have spoken highly of everything they saw and experienced. Alegria Halloween 2008 might have been hit by the present economic meltdown, because decoration wise there was not much to be wowed by, but again I've been told Alegria is not about the decoration, but more about the sensuality and the fun of the night.

Really cool idea those two dollar sign giant necklaces hanging over the dance floor, and interesting booth layout specially prepared for DJ Abel, in the shape of car right on the main stage of the Webster Hall.

The giant disco ball, with Alegria written around it, was very impressive, specially since it keeps moving up and down during the night, and I'm assuming it is a permanent feature of these parties. Although you had all of that, I guess I was expecting more.

Webster Hall - this is a really cool place to have a party, cool entrance, non existing security check for this event, coach check in the basement, nice stairs that takes you up to the main dance floor located on the second floor of the building, and you can keep going up to the mezzanine level, where you can appreciate the crowd from right above. Bars located all over the place, which makes it easy to get your drink wherever you are in the building.

When I arrived Tony Moran was still warming up the crowd, and I could swear the sound system was not fully operational, because the music sounded kind of weird, it was like the base was missing, or the power was lacking from the speakers - can't really put my fingers on it. Gradually it improved and in no time I was feeling the vibe.

Tony did a very nice warm up, and as expected he took the energy of the place to the next level, leaving the crowd ready for a nice party for the next DJ. Alegria is a gay event, and Tony's music was a mix of happy house tunes, tribal with tons of vocals, and sometimes a strong touch of the pure Latin rhythm.

Tony Moran

Don't know the time DJ Abel took over, but he came strong and keep going with a similar type of music started by Moran. The sound intensity changed, it is as if they turn on more speakers because the music came out nicely and clear, with no distortions.

Looking at the crowd, I can tell you DJ Abel moved the dance floor as he wanted. Sometimes he would slow down everything, then drop those bombs that no one could resist. He used a lot of build ups, and sometimes I felt the end was not as powerful as I was hoping for, but nevertheless strong enough to accomplish the up and down motion he perhaps was planning to create. Later in the evening Abel flirted with some transish tunes, and even went exploring into some dark progressive music, not for too long, because he would go right back to the good hard beat happy house music.

The crowd was a mix of ages, races, and everything in between - not too many costumes, actually the most popular one was jeans and shirtless - and very friendly people, I really like it. The place was full, but not jam packed, it seems the party the night before with Peter Rauhofer and Junior Vazquez was enough for some people, and for the comments I heard, perhaps it would had been a better idea to wait for the Alegria party instead.

There were some shows on the main stage, during the night, being the singer - which I don't know the name - the most interesting one. The theme of the night was "Pimped Up Alegria", and this would explain the golden chains carry by some of the people. Honestly I must say I was more amused by the two drag queens that showed up at one point in time. Loved their costumes, and sometimes I couldn't stop looking at them.

Quentin Harris was also playing somewhere in the building, but I was having too much fun in the main room, so unfortunately I did not have the chance to see him in action. By 6:00am the place started to empty out, and the number of people stabilized no longer after, staying with the same size of crowd until almost the end. The lights were used wisely, and Abel when he wanted to see the dance floor full again, he knew he only had to drop that delicious music that got everyone back together.

Overall, I won't say it was a fantastic party, but it was fun and that is what I liked. It was a very sensual night, with some touch of sexuality, with a lot of easy going people. Glad I decided to check it out and for sure the New Yorkers will see me again in another edition of the infamous Alegria event.

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nick said...

What a hot party! I was there! Can't wait till MLK day now. Woohoo

charles said...

yep, the party at roseland the day before was nice, although the music pretty much sucked, and i guess you were much better off at alegria. well, for the ones who did not work on the monday...;(

Patius said...

Nick - you never know, I might see you there then :-)

Charles - that is exactly what I heard of the Saturday night party with Peter and Junior. I think Peter must be going thru a phase right now, because last Saturday nigtht he was just okay at Parking. About Junior .. well, it is Junior after all.