Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reviews: DJ Vibe, DJ Micky Friedmann & DJ Ana Paula

It is afterwards December and the planet is going thru an unprecedented global financial crisis, and because I have been busy at work (yes, I do have a real job) I haven't had the chance to write my latest reviews. The short summaries below will put me up to date.

Before I start, I must mention I was at the Bell Center last night (December 12), for the Future Electronics Annual Holiday concert featuring Michael Bolton. I know this singer has fallen off the radar in the last couple of year, but man he can sing. Micheal Bolton sang for almost 2 hours and the place had probably around 10,000 people(?) - the list we heard included most of his hits and many others which I had no idea were his work. Bolton also sang "Nessun Dorma" and he did a pretty good job in keeping up with the high notes.

and now to the reviews of these 3 parties I've gone to in the last couple of weeks.

November 22 @ Unity: Malick and DJ Vibe

I must say Malick has become the favourite opening act for Unity, it seems he is always there, now the question is when is he going to have his own night? I'm sure he already had because he plays really good music, and he is able to warm up the crowd very well accordingly to who is playing next after him.

When I arrived at the Unity, after waiting for a bit in the freaking cold weather of Montreal, Malick had already done an awesome job warming up the crowd, and it didn't take long for Vibe to start pounding those speakers with fantastic music, and those vibrations began to invade my body in such a nice way. Last time I saw DJ Vibe was this past winter at Stereo, and I was way overdue for another doses of this Lusitano guy.

Vibe used to be very tribal, then he began playing more in line with Victor Calderone in his new techy phase, but at Unity he showed me another style which I hadn't heard from him before, and might venture to called it a Tribal-techy sound. It was fantastic, with very well done build ups with excellent ends, leaving me with the feeling of wanting more. Even Pablo Ceballos came down to see Vibe, which is another DJ I haven't seen in action in a while.

Finally, Unity felt as if it was a mini reunion of Stereo, because there were so many regulars on the dance floor, that somehow it felt like (((home))) again. If you are one of those that has never been at Stereo, you won't understand what I'm saying, I just hope you get the chance to experience it one day.

November 29 @ Parking: DJ Micky Friedmann

Yes, I know, this guys has the looks, but does he has the skills? I would say so, because even thought I only experienced 2 hours of his set - had a previous engagement to go - I liked what I saw. The first thing someone told me when I arrived was he was feeling as if Micky was not taking the dance floor to the next level. After a while I understood what he was saying, Micky had the whole crowd going but he could had moved them to a much higher levels of excitements. Not sure if it is his style, and if it is I think he could do much better on an afterhours environment, or with a longer set, which would give him enough time to tell Micky story.

Funky sounds from this Berlin ultra good looking guy, by the last hour he decided to finally move up a notch and this is when the dance floor started to drop some pounds with the cardio in action. My suggestion to Parking if they want to bring him back, give him a longer set and you will have everyone talking about it.

December 6 @ Unity: Malick and DJ Ana Paula

Malick, Malick and Malick - my respects Mr. Malick because you overdone yourself once again. I must admit I did not enjoy too much his first performance at Stereo a while back, but he has found a way to grow on me. Malick once again delivered bomb after bomb of good music to warm up the crowd for Ana Paula.

Confessions of the dance floor: first time in a long time I arrived at Unity by 11:00pm - I just did not want to wait in line, and I must say lots of people had the same idea. Ana Paula has a new look, and Montreal for her now is like Rio de Janeiro with no beach and warm weather.

Fantastic performance once again by the Brazilian Queen of DJs - tribal continues as her biggest genre of music, but as I have mentioned before, love the fact she has adopted different styles within her tribal music. You all know I have been a big supporter of Ana Paula since the beginning, and I have been lucky enough to have seen her performing at The Week International in Brazil (a must visit club if in the country). Now Ana Paula has become, to me, a must not miss event if she is in Montreal.

The combination of great music, charisma, energy, vibe, and the fact Unity got invaded by people who usually do not come to Unity, it is probably a prove that I'm not alone thinking she is good. My advise to the BBCM was to book her for the Black & Blue 2008, but they didn't listen. My suggestion to the Bal en Blanc people is to book her for the Bal en Blanc 2009, and I just hope these people listen to me. Somehow, something tells me I won't be surprised if Ana Paula won't be spinning in São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro during next Easter.

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