Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bal en Blanc - Easter 2009

As it happens at this time of the year, rumours are flying about who are the invited DJs this year, then you have the endless talks in the public forums about "prices are too high", "I don't want to see Guetta again", "Armin is back", and etcetera.

What I can tell you is the following, there are two types of people, those who are going and those who aren't, therefore my suggestion to you is: buy your ticket now if you are one of those going.

Above and Beyond is confirmed, so is Victor Calderone, it is extremely likely that Ana Paula (who just announced she is leaving her residense at The Week Rio) is booked as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if Vibe is in the house. The talk of the town is that the Trance room will be insane this year, but just having Victor Calderone and Ana Paula in the House room, is insane enough for me.

My main request to the Bal en Blanc people is please take of the entrance this year, try to avoid the fiasco that has occurred in the past. The Bal en Blanc has claimed those problems were out of their hands, then I would ask them to make sure, in 2009, this issue is taken care professionally, make it a priority so people can have the best experience ever out of this event.

If you have never been at a massive party in Montreal, the "Bal en Blanc" and "Black & Blue" are two of the events I would highly suggest you to attend.

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