Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back in time

Every time I hear this ABBA song, it reminds me of time when El Salvador was going through a civil war. Let me explain, for those who don't know, I was actually born in El Salvador, and an year before the Salvadoran civil war started, my family emigrated to Brazil, where I grew up.

In 1979 this song was a hit, and I guess because it was in Spanish, and all the news about the war in El Salvador at the same time, I somehow associated the song and the war together .. don't ask me why, I was only a child at the time.

The reason why I was thinking about this song, is because today El Salvador is choosing a new President, and for the first time in the country political history, it seems that the candidate from the left (FMLN - the former guerrilla) might win the election.

Unfortunately El Salvador has not mature enough (personal opinion), to have a transparent political transition from right to left that is not dramatic. Nevertheless, just the thought that the FMLN might actually win shows how much the country has changed.

In other news, last night I almost went to Karma to check out my boy Danny Torrence. Went to a house party before, and while there my body kind of told me I need to rest because I might be coming down with something. Conclusion, I will have to review this place another time. I also drove by Unity (Stéphan Grondin was spinning) and there was a big line up at 1:30am - some of my friends were inside and they told it was insane.

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