Monday, March 02, 2009

Richie Santana, Peter Bailey, Joe Hickerson & Hector Fonseca

My apologies for taking so long to post these reviews, I was actually watching TV, or woke up and the TV was watching me, and there was Paris Hilton in a show where some people must compete to become her best friend in London. Oh yeah, and they show the mansion of her dogs in Los Angeles ... let me tell you. Anyway, I turn off the TV and decided to write the reviews instead, after my P90X workout of course (3rd week - round 2).

Richie Santana & Peter Bailey @ Parking - January 31, 2009

Edit: I was just informed that Peter Bailey did not play, because he was hospitalized, I hope everything is good with him now. Reading the review below you will see I had no idea Peter was missing. Nevertheless I still stand by the fact, I found the first hour of the set to be boring (and it was not from the warm up DJ, which did an okay job for the short time I heard him). I'm not rewriting the review so keep reading.

I've been expecting to see these two high schools friends together for a while now. Their Mind Control party has been a success everywhere, and a lot of DJs out there are using Richie & Peter's productions in their sets. Before I start I must tell you I have no idea who started the set - didn't check the booth-, but I believe they were exchanging places during the night.

My computer is full of music from these guys, but I must admit I was totally bored for the first hour at Parking. I could not feel the music and I understand, these guys don't need a warm up set, because that is what they were doing at the beginning.

Nevertheless, the music was a fresh change to what we usually hear at Parking on Saturday night. Mind you, I have noticed Parking has been definitely bringing variety to Montreal, and one reason why I love this club.

Once their warm up was over, this is when the vibe changed, my body started to feel the energy vibrating on the dance floor, and the crowd started to come to life. House music in an electronic fashion, spiced up with tribal-technish tunes, minimal well used, a set low in vocals but powerful in sound. They are not just great producers, they know how to use the turntables, I just wish Parking had given them more time to play.

Although I still find their beginning was slow and boring, by the end I had this big smile in my face, and I must say my friends were telling me the same thing. Some people might not had got the idea of their music, but I'm looking forward to see them again. No wonder why DJs such as Victor Calderone, Chus & Ceballos, Vibe, among other, use Richie & Peter's work in their nights.

Joe Hickerson @ Parking - February 7, 2009

As mentioned before, every time this guy came to Montreal, I had something else to do, therefore this was my first time experiencing what he does with the dance floor, and I can see why Manny Lehman got interesting in his talent, and pushed him to further explore his DJ talent.

I think both the "BBCM" & "Bal en Blanc" people should keep an eye in Joe, why you might ask? He is the perfect DJ for a circuit party, knowing when to drop the vocals people need, and when to just turn up the volume. He is not scared to experiment with the crowd, and yes he does play some of the commercial stuff, but well done, not just the crappy "here this is what you want to hear people".

If you were looking for your vocal fix, this was the night to be a Parking, because for sure I got to hear what I really wanted to hear. Powerful delicious voices from the past and present, which made me dance all night long.

Wonderful crowd, and in case you were not there, Joe has been generous enough to post his entire Parking set on his blog - just follow the link below.

Joe's set @ Parking

Once again, I think Joe could be a great addition to a future "Black & Blue" party, or to be part of the house room in a "Bal en Blanc" event.

Hector Fonseca @ Parking - February 28, 2009

Fun fun fun fun night with Hector - review coming up soon, and he is really looking good.


Merlin1970 said...

You are talking about the Mind Control party at Parking with Richie Santana and Peter Bailey on january 31st, right? Did you actually look into the DJ booth ?
For starters there were papers all over the place announcing that Peter Bailey had been hospitalized and had therefore cancelled. So when you say they were exchanging places, I have no clue who you saw.
Secondly, Richie Santana started his set sometime around 12:30AM and played until the end. So when you say that the beginning was boring and felt like a warm up set, it's because it was but by some filler DJ.
If you don't believe me you can read this post:

Patius said...

Merlin, thanks for letting me know - I had no idea Peter ended up in the hospital. And no, I did not check the dj booth (usually I do) .. but I do stand when I say the first hour by the headliner, which now I know it was Richie, I found to be boring. Mind you, under the circunstances I actually applaud Richie for showing up.