Sunday, May 17, 2009

Danny Tenaglia @ Parking - May 16, 2009

This is the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw the new Parking: WOW!!! If Parking were to start a cycle of anabolic steroids, it probably would look like as it does right now. Wait, I'm wrong, steroids are used to improve performance of athletes, and this case Parking has completely transformed itself into something else, not just improved. If before the club was flirting with the big leagues, now Parking is the big leagues in Montreal.

Same entrance, but instead of going to the usual coat check, you must walk downstairs and follow a tunnel, which will be very useful during winter for people waiting in line. After turning left and right, right and left, you arrive at the new coat check - House Room and Urban room are your choices (different prices), but I forgot to ask if you paid for the House Room, do you have access to the Urban Room as well? Last night was Danny Tenaglia, so the closest I got to see the Urban Room was when I walked by to get into the main floor.

The set up of the new space is very similar to the old one, the bars, toilets, dance floor and DJ booth, are more or less located in their "usual" locations, but everything is bigger, sexier and with this extra underground feeling.

Great DJ booth, and I asked Stephan Grondin how he like the new sound system, and his comments were all positive. I must say, the music sounds amazing out of those boxes, very clear and nice to the ears. The dance floor feels great, and it does not get slippery when wet, and the shakers help you feel the bass in a different level.

The bars look chic, and you can tell the bartenders love their new work areas. There are several screens located right in front of the DJ booth, and around the dance floor, and the new light system perfect complements the new Parking - I was scared that the light person would over use his new toy, but everything went well, there was light when we needed it and darkness when we expect it.

Parking was packed last night, but it was not difficult to move around, which means great circulation, and less people walking on you while dancing. The only thing you must pay attention is all those little steps everywhere.

I know, this is supposed to be Danny Tenaglia's review, but I'm so wowed by the new Parking that I can't stop talking about it. Stephan Grondin, as expected, did a fantastic job warming up the crowd, and he did change his music at the end to make a smoother transition, but this is Tenaglia, and nothing is smoother with him. By 11:00pm Tenaglia had already taken control of the music, and once again he reminded us first time he came to play in Montreal, was at Playground, which is the actual location of the new Parking.

Tenaglia started mellow, but Tenaglia is Tenaglia, and it doesn't matter how he starts, he always find a way to move the crowd as he wants. House music, house music and more house music, not too much techno, some progressive tribal, a bit of minimal, some vocals, and an amazing energy. I was expecting a big party last night, but never thought I was going to get a rave - that is how I felt, as if I was in a rave. I also felt as if I was partying in another city, and please don't ask me to explain why. The party ended at 3:30am.

I might add more information to this review later, and I must say there is no club in Montreal now that compares to Parking. Congratulations to the owners, managers et al. at Parking, great job in reinventing this club, and thank you for taking our night life experience to the next level.

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