Monday, May 18, 2009

David Morales @ Parking - May 17, 2009

Two days later and I’m still smiling from such a great party, two days later and I still can’t believe David Morales was able to do what he did on Sunday night at Parking. I must remind you this is my personal view, but looking around the room, I can tell you I was not the only one that enjoyed every single moment of this great party.

Guys it was just amazing, and if you asked me why, I will tell you because everything was just perfect, the location, the music, the crowd, the vibe, the dancing, the dancers, the lights, the sensual feeling, the sexual touch, the sweaty bodies, friends, just everything. I told my friends, this was not a party, this was actually a rave, one I haven’t see in a long time in Montreal.

First I must apologize if I’m going everywhere with this review, but because I had such a great night, I don’t think I can just focus in one thing, and how could you eh? According to Parking hot phone line (who would know there was one eh?), David Morales was scheduled to start at 8:00pm, and I was told by 6:00pm there were lots of people waiting in line to buy tickets (probably to return later). We arrived at 7:30pm and the place was already rocking, and I must say Patrick Dream was perfect as an opener, he even played some songs I associate with David Morales (is that possible?).

David Morales has been definitely missed in this city, and the welcome back the crowd gave him at 9:00pm proved it. There were people at Parking that I hadn’t see in a long time, and Morales was able to create this “family” reunion feeling in the room, because people from all walks of life were reunited, once again, under several small disco balls - and when I say everyone, I really mean everyone.

No speech, no stopping the music, no nothing, it was just like “Patrick move over because I’m taking over” and Morales did just that, he took over not only the DJ booth, but also he shared the control of the dance floor with the crowd, because the more he gave us the more we danced, and this only ended when the lights came on at 3:30am.

The energy and vibe of the place was just out of this world, it involved everyone and everything. The music chosen for the night, was perfect for hundred of men and women that have been missing a doses of David Morales experience, and what a trip we had, actually it was not a trip, it was an incredible voyage with music.

House music was the main menu for the night, and it was spiced it up with lots of vocals, classic tunes, tribalicious drums with more vocals, nice build ups with ends at the perfect time, maybe only once I heard a little not so perfect transition between two songs. David Morales played with the crowd, he made us sing not once, not twice, but several times, and each one of them the perfect song to do it. The crowd went into nirvana when they first heard, a Morales classic, “Say Something”, and it was great to see one of my friends experiencing for his first time the “Say Something” moment - that was magical. Morales even added a new ending to the song, and for those who missed because they arrived later, Morales went and repeat the moment with a different twist, but the result was the same, the room exploded right there. This was not the only song that was used with the same result, there were several of those moments all night long.

The sound system was tested by Morales, and I wonder what was the final score given by him. Danny Torrence spent most of the night right besides his mentor, so maybe I should ask him about it. The lights were once again well used, and not abused, so great job to personal in charge of the lights/screens. More dancers were brought to entertain the crowd, and I give them my pass, and love the fact they were using all possible areas to move their perfect bodies.

The mezzanine level became the cool off area for most of the people, if it was too hot downstairs, you just have to move up for a bit, cool off and then go back to the dance floor. Does it get hot? Oh yes, but if you place yourself near one of the several fans around the dance floor you are okay. Dripping “water” from the ceiling was not a problem if you think about it, lets just put this way, it was easy to get to the toilets because there was almost non existing friction between my body and the one beside me - I just had to walk right through it.

Incredible evening, and I must congratulate Parking for doing such a great job in setting the bar so high in their reopening night, actually it could be dangerous if people start expecting similar evenings from now on. I’m sure Parking is ready for this challenge, and I also must thank all the staff, because all of them made my evening a great experience. After all this bla bla bla, I’m sorry if you were not able to make it, but let me tell you, I really wish you were there so you know what I’m talking about.

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