Monday, June 29, 2009

New York City Pride 2009 - Compact Review

Just because I wasn't in New York City, it doesn't mean this blog doesn't have correspondents from the big apple. JB is a good friend of mine, and regarding music & party wise his taste is very similar to mine, and this is what JB filed at 5:46pm today:

"Just got home from Alegria, which I would rate as 'really good'. Work party yesterday left a lot to be desired and the music of all 4 djs was well under what I've heard them be capable of in the past. Overall, DJ Paulo was the best and once again Offer was probably the worst, party was 'okay' but not great."

Work Party: DJ Paulo, Offer Nissim, Peter Rauhofer and Oscar G
Alegria Party: Tony Moran, Abel and Micky Friedmann

other friends have also mentioned they had an incredible weekend, and now lets just give them a couple of days to fully recover from the "xmas festivities".

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Luke Native said...

Hey Patius was a great evening for sure I love Richie...he truly is a pioneer and never disappoints, I have lost count how many times Ive seen him..basically I never miss his nights lol..I still remember when he was the first guy to start mixing through his laptop in the late 90s at Sona...we were like wow wtf is this...where the vinyl at lol! Good seeing you that day...take care brutha