Thursday, June 18, 2009

Parking - Weekend 25

Weekend 25 and I must say I was not too happy with Weekend 24 at Parking. Junior Vasquez I find to be either a hit or a miss, and we all know he is a legend in the business, but unfortunately once again he kind of disappointed me last weekend. Didn't stay too long, so if he improved after I left, good for you if you were there. The only good thing was that I got to see someone that I wanted to see.

Moving on, DJ K.Nox is taking charge of the night this coming Friday, and I'm sure you've seen him, he is one of the bartenders at Parking (didn't know he was also a DJ until recently), sometimes I get a drink from him because I just want to see his smile. I'm definitely checking out his skills as a DJ, and if his positive attitude is able to be transmitted through the music, I believe we might be in for a treat.

DJ Escape is spinning on Saturday, and Stephan Grondin is closing the week with a "Perfect Sunday". Have you noticed some nice booking happening for Sunday's now? I know there are many followers of Sunday's parties, and I think "Perfect Sunday" might just go global if those bookings continue.

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