Monday, June 29, 2009

Piknic electronik @ Parc Jean-Drapeau - June 28, 2009

The schedule:

2:00pm Stefny Winter (NY)
4:00pm Pheek (CA)
5:00pm Ambivalent (US)
6:30pm Barem (AR)
8:00pm Richie Hawtin (CA)

Once again the weather forecast was wrong, it was supposed to rain in the afternoon, and instead it was such a beautiful day to be outdoors. I went by the Piknic at around 3:00pm and the place was starting to get packed, and very nice tunes by Stefny Winter. Didn't go in, just wanted to check out the vibe, and I have also decided I won't listen to the weather people from Montreal anymore.

I officially arrived a bit after 7:00pm to this party - my friends had already ditched me, but there was no way I was going to miss Richie Hawtin. The place was fully packed and I must say, the Piknic has gone main stream, and it is now considered part of the Montreal Summer activities for a lot of people.

Wanting to see Richie, and as a bonus got to see Mauricio Barembuem (aka Barem), this young talented dj/producer from Buenos Aires, which plays something called ponymal techno and ponymal house - and guess what? Loved it! and so did the crowd because everyone was so excited and happy, actually there were some sicking happy people around.

By 7:45pm Richie had already arrived to the tent, just imagine the reaction when people saw him, but he kept his cool, giving Barem his time to end his fantastic set. What a phenomenal transition between those 2 guys, really outstanding job, just to show you don't need to start from the beginning, just jump in while the bus is running and keep going.

Confession of the day, this was my first time seeing Richie Hawtin live. I've been his fan for a while now (thanks to the "internets"), but his Piknic set just won me over forever. Great Detroit style techno, tinted with some electro, minimal and house, which make it impossible for you not to dance. Your body just feel the urge to move when you hear his music, and that is what I did during his entire set.

Another plus to Richie is the way he reads the crowd, gave us his best and made people happy with his performance. Now, if great music, amazing people, contagious vibe, Montreal skyline in the background while the sunset is happening, great weather, if all those ingredients cannot make you happy to live in a city such as Montreal, you are in trouble.

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