Sunday, July 19, 2009

Allan Natal @ Parking - July 18, 2009

This is a keeper, and if I had to describe Natal with only one word, I would have to use "epic-ish". Guys, I'm packing so can't got into many details, but the sound brought by Natal was just delicious. What a way to mix all the styles and give a tribalish tone. Tribal explosive, with lots of vocal, with some interesting tribal-trance-ish tunes added to the mix.

There were moments when I felt as if I was listening to this happy trance-tribal tunes that somehow were synchronizing the dance floor into one entity, then he throws in some hard tribal stuff and the dance floor wants more. My understanding before seeing him was that music wise he was everywhere, and yes indeed he is everywhere, and better than that, he is everywhere but at the right time, do I make sense?

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Lindinalva Zborowska said...

Happy with your review!! xoxo