Friday, December 11, 2009

DJ Exacta @ Stereo - December 5, 2009

Sunday morning workout was the word of the day for me, and what could become a tradition (will explain more later why I used “could” instead of “is”) I arrived at around 6:00am to Stereo, and the place was kind of happening. Had no idea who the DJ was, and to tell you the truth I kind of don’t care anymore either. I did ask the security person about it, and I remember he saying something like Exactia or so, and I kept thinking it sounded more like a name of a yogurt we know.

Fresh and well rested, I was desperately in need of some good tunes to dance and sweat as I usually do when I go to a good party. People were dancing, but I thought the tunes were kind of repetitive and boring at the beginning, I was ready to write off the night when Mr. DJ started to drop some interesting Techno House tunes. Paying more attention and I liked what I heard, because he was evolving what it seemed to be an hour long sets with a nice build ups and a great ends. Good fusion of sounds, great potential for an incredible party, because Mr. DJ knew his stuff, and personally what I thought was missing were the people, more people were needed in order to add the Stereo vibe to the party. The place was not empty, but it was not busy, and it was disappointing because I was so looking forward the 7:00am pick time that usually Stereo have, you know when you look at your watch and then you look around and think there is no other place you wanted to be but here because of the amazing party?

I know Mr. DJ deserves more attention, but I guess Stereo has finally convinced me that I shouldn’t care who is spinning right? The problem is that is not the only thing Stereo has began to convince me about.

Everyone knows how much I love Stereo, and until no longer ago, I keep telling people the best parties I’m seen have been at the Temple. Unfortunately I have started to add the phrase “the old Stereo”. The new place is beautiful, futuristic, great sound, and I really want it to be my second home, but instead it is gradually becoming just a club.

Stereo, I truly believe the ideal behind the new concept for Saturday night is remarkable, risky, and with great intentions. Ideally everyone should be dancing and not caring about who is the one spinning. Sadly, this new concept I think has began to diminish the excitement I used to have when going to Stereo. Before, I knew who was going to be there, and I was ready for it, sometimes I didn’t like it because it happens, but most of the time there were enough people enjoying the same vibe, and each person contributed to create this amazing journey that until now I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

Since the grand reopening, I probably have visited Stereo around 6 times, and have left before or around 9:00am except once (keep in mind I usually arrived at 6:00am at the new Stereo), and why is this? Because I find that no longer people are sticking around as much as they used to, and when people start leaving, they take some of the vibe with them, it is okay when we are hoping people start leaving because it is too busy, worrisome when you start looking around and the vibe is no longer there because the place is kind of empty. If you are wondering, at the old Stereo I used to arrive at the beginning of the night, and stayed most of the time until the end, which once meant at 7:00pm on a Sunday evening.

Stereo, we can always compromise, you can have your surprise element, but make it maybe once a month kind of thing instead of every Saturday night. If I’m paying CND 35.00 to get in, I truly want to be amazed by Mr. DJ Surprise, and so far this has not happened - it is important to mention I was not there for first weekend of parties. I have began thinking that if I don’t know who the DJ is, maybe I’m not willing to pay that amount of cash, maybe the price that will get me in should be lower, what about CND 25.00 instead?

Finally, I really want to be excited when going to Stereo, I love this place, and I just hope the management listen to the Stereoheads, because we are ready to teach the new crop of professional ravers what Stereo is all about, instead of just talking about how used to be.

If you were wondering, the DJ of the night was Exacta from New York City, really incredible DJ, and I would go see him again ..if I knew when. I also enjoyed the Samurai/Geisha performance during the evening. I just want to ask the security personal to chill out a bit, because some people are there to dance, not to be pushed away from the stage because you are too close to the performers.

Sorry about the rant, but I had to get this off my chest and I feel much better, so much that I’ll be going to Stereo on Friday night (December 11), and guess what? I know who the DJs are, but decided not to go on Saturday, not ready for another surprise.


Anonymous said...

It was great back then...

Anonymous said...

Patius, I have to agree with your review and I know many share the feeling. It's like an end to an old relationship. The love is gone. Maybe you will be great friends, maybe not. You hope they do well, find someone new that will love them. But I think all of us who loved the "old" Stereo need to realize it truly is over. Maybe we will fall in love again with someone new because you know we still got it, there will be someone new. Don't be sad. Maybe you will create this space.

Anonymous said...

Patius... You said it so well. Scotty gave her the best boob and ass makeover she could have asked for... really beautiful. The vibe, I know, has to roll with the times. But... I like planning my night out for stereo. It is amazing to know that you are in for an amazing night/event of the best sound and 'feel' in the city. I get excited knowing that I am going to have my butt kicked and the cardio party takes off. Now though it cuts me when I arrive. I also have the unplanned nights where I go and it is great because I have no expectations... it can be a regular Saturday... I just want Stereo. But for the night I plan and make a event for and then arrive and its a bland Saturday night... and it is BLAND! For my hard earned money and TIME it has changed the way I feel about the whole thing. It's hit or miss. THAT is not Stereo. The staff are amazing. The people/clients are amazing but if the music doesn't back it up... it's over. The thing is... they play like it's a regular Saturday night. Not like Hey... Come and hear me because I am going to Rock your world. So enough of that. Thanks Patius for the comments. ha ha I love that some people go for a jog or long run on early Sunday mornings... you do cardio at Stereo. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

We actually have Exacta in Toronto, Sunday April 18th if you're interested! for more info