Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DJ Joe Hickerson in the House

Saturday is almost here .. positive thinking guys ..and Mr. Joe Hickerson will be back at Parking for another Workout night. In case you haven't seen him before, check out his podcast, and after that you know where to find him.

Hickerson Podcast

A couple of months ago I remember thinking that Joe was potentially a good candidate for the Black & Blue main event, but the way the massive parties are changing in Montreal, I believe the Bal en Blanc might be a better choice for the style of his music now - then again I must wait until I see what direction will the Black & Blue festival take this year.


Merlin1970 said...

Hopefully, he'll show up unlike Gautreaux last saturday.
And you're right... unless he's opening Black & Blue, he's a better fit for Bal en Blanc.

Patius said...

I was at the Igloofest, so I didn't know the Gautreaux guy didn't show up. Don't worry, Joe is arriving on Friday, maybe he wants to check out the Igloofest as well :-) he'll be at Parking on Saturday night