Monday, February 08, 2010

Stephan Grondin @ Parking - February 6, 2010


It doesn't matter who is in town, because if Grondin is spinning somewhere, you know it is going to be a good party, and once again Stephan did not disappoint me.

There have been some improvements at Parking, and I actually asked the manager what was different, and he just said "go to the dance floor", and isn't that he was right? Parking has added new speakers and base, and once you step on the dance floor you feel the difference, very nice by the way.

Parking got busy, and kudos to the warm up set, this guy is getting better and better, and I guess this is the perfect place to have a good training eh?

Now going back to Grondin, what a set he gave us, he was flawless in every aspect, from the mixing, the choice of music, his vibe, and everything was kept in a timely fashion, perfect transitions, and nice fusion with the lights. I wanted to dance house music and this is what I did until 3:00am.

The crowd was very good, with great dancers and nice looking people, just one of the go go dancers was not having too much fun up there, but the other two had a blast. I just wished I knew which song was the new one released by Grondin, I'm sure I heard it, but don't know which one it was.

I have checked Grondin schedule for the next couple of weeks, and this guy is busy, and if you are in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, and Boston, keep an eye on where he is going to be spinning because you should be there as well.


Merlin1970 said...

Couldn't agree with you more...
He was so on. Great track selection and amzaing mixing skills

Merlin1970 said...

Actually he played 2 versions of his new track. First around 1-1:30 and the second around 2:30-3. The second version was a bit discoish and funky. Not sure if they were both by him since he said he had 4 versions but also mentioned other DJs were remixing it. It wasn't very hard to spot since the refrain was ""Why Can't U Be"