Sunday, February 14, 2010

Victor Calderone @ Stereo - February 13, 2010

Welcome back Stereo, we have missed you so much, and do not think I’ve been sarcastic with this statement, not at all, it is just that this is the first time since the grand reopening, that I felt like I was back at Stereo, the place that I felt in love with long time ago. Due to the fact I spent such a good time, I’m inclined to say it has fired up my professional raver skills once again, it has revitalized my passion for dancing at Stereo, and this can only mean good things for this place, because I’m sure lots of people feel this way as well.

How different is to go to a place where you know who is going to be spinning eh? Whoever went knew more or less what kind of music was going to hit them, and joining forces on the dance floor just create a hell of a good party. Cannot remember the last time Stereo was open until almost noon, and it has been such a long time that my body is no longer used to this marathon, and unfortunately I could not say until the end, but I enjoyed every single minute of my stay at the temple.

Wait a second, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about eh? Fine, let me start from the beginning. By the way, I’m not very happy in paying CND 5.00 of service charge just to get my ticket in advance (bought at Priape paying cash), I’m okay with a charge, but does it has to be so much?

Initially I had planned to go to Parking first then Stereo, instead had a disco nap until 1:00am and made to Stereo by 2:00am. I warned my friends not to arrive after 2:30am or risk to stay in line for a while - it is just logical, Victor in the house, and people will start leaving the bars by 2:00-2:30 in order to get in first. It took me around 15 to 20 min to get in, and I think Stereo is no longer used to have those big lines outside, because there was no organization whatsoever - a word to the security personal, get your act together because if people got their tickets in advance, and paid an extra CND 5.00 for it, at least they are expecting to get in on an orderly fashion. I’m not saying let me in right away (it would be nice), but at least control the crowd. Another question, when is the actual coatcheck reopening? It is nice to have 3 different temporary coatchecks, but I do not like having to cross the dance floor, and disturb the dance flow, to get rid of my jacket.

Victor, Victor, Victor, you have proven many times over why you are at the top of your game, and I’m pretty sure you enjoy your nights at Pacha NY, but I beat there is nothing like coming home to Stereo, a place that has evolved with your music, from the old tribal, to the techno and everything else in between.

The music was superb from the time I arrived until the time I left, hated the fact I had to stand in line, on the dance floor, waiting to check in my coat, while Victor dropped some amazing music. Nevertheless, there was time for more similar moments, where you got lost in the passion of the music looking around thinking this is where I’m supposed to be today.

Victor lifted you up and then brought you down for nice chill out instant, then bouncing you back way up in order to show you there is more than just a moment of good music, there is a whole trip of melodies that you must be ready to explore and enjoy.

Wanted to hear Victor’s techno side? Checked, the minimal moments? Checked. Was there a maximum as well? Checked (what a hell is that anyway?). Industrial house? Checked. Techno house? Checked. Victor’s classics? Checked. House with superb vocals? Checked. In other words, Victor made sure to have everything ready for the Stereoheads, and the crowd did not disappoint either.

The vibe was just fantastic, everyone enjoying the music and each other’s presence. I do have to say we must have more evening like this one at Stereo, this way the new legion of upcoming Stereoheads will learn how to behave at the temple, they must learn the dance floor is for everyone and not just for themselves, and “I’m sorry” and “excuse me” is still fashionable.

Now tell me, how couldn’t I have a big smile in my face if Victor was giving up excellent build ups that made sense? The ending were even better, and here and there he would drop something classic and then remixed into something totally new.

The crowd was evenly distributed into all genres, very diverse and lots of good looking people, perhaps the invisible line was pushing more to the left than to the right, but we all know how much the boys love Victor.

Really enjoyed the customs wore by the Go Go dancers, and they really went out of their way to showcase different stuff, from gods of the ancient Egypt and Rome, to Canadian Olympians and some space like dudes, and lions and human size dolls, talk about giving something for everyone, both gay and straight, in the room eh?

One thing, I wish the light people had used more the black light, specially in those dark moments when the music was just perfect for it, and loved when the kind of spot lights were turn on at the same time on the dance floor (they are everywhere in the ceiling) - it felt magical, and at the end they did a good job with the lights in general, and someone was having fun typing those messages in the giant screens, well who wouldn’t with the music we experienced with Victor.

Stereo, thank you very much for listening and giving us what we want, and I’m not saying we only want Victor, not at all, we want to have the option to choose which night we want to step into our second home, we want to know what we are going home for, and we promise to give you the best crowd possible, and we promise to bring back all this energy Stereo is famous for. Think about it, put the old Stereo and the new Stereo together, and you have a power house desired by everyone in the business, and we are luck to have you here in Montreal.

Welcome back Stereo

edit: I would love to be in Berlin on April 3, and experience Calderone at Berghain - if you are in town and end up going to this party, please let me know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, it felt like this was a big event. The diversicty of the crowd was so Montreal ! You got to love it when it is still pack at 7h00 and Victor Calderone was banging it to my tasting between 7 and 9.

Daniel Vaudrin said...

Are you going to be there for DJ Vibe at the end of February or Chus and Ceballos on the 20th of March? I think that great vibe is going to be there again....

Merlin1970 said...

Patius, if you don't want to pay service charges, get your ticket at Priape. I paid mine $35. No taxes, no service charges.

I couldn't agree with you more, on all counts. It was my first time back since I refused to go without knowing who the DJ was and I wasn't disppointed with the music or the crowd.

My letdowns for the night were:
1) Coatcheck: come on! It has been months since the reopening and still no coatcheck ? Also it slows down the search since you have to empty your coat pockets
2) Line ups: Being my 1st time after reopening, it was total confusion trying to figure out which line was for what and people kept on cutting in from the sides. Stereo invest some money on dividers and signs like at the Paramount theater to at least begin the lines properly and indicate which line is for what since the door guys don't seem to care.

Patius said...

Daniel: won't be there for Vibe (in LAX), but will be there for C&C :-)

Merlin: I bought my ticket at Priape and they charged CND 5.00 - which was the first for me (not using credit card by the way).

Merlin1970 said...

That's weird. I bought mine at Priape also and paid cash for $35 exactly. Unfortunately, I looked for the bill all over and can't find it.

Anonymous said...

Paid 40$ as well and paid cash too.