Monday, March 15, 2010

iTunes Disaster

Everything started yesterday, I had just finished creating a computer network in my house, when instead of just sharing the contents of my music / video / picture folders, I accidentally moved the actual folders to the Share Documents area.

Not a bid deal I thought, the only thing I did was to cut the pointers between my music folder and iTunes. Tried to move the folders back to their original location, but this time Windows was telling I couldn't do it. Had to move the contests of each folder to new created folders in the owner's area. I thought the lost links would be reestablished by this move, but unfortunately they were gone and I'm not that crazy to start manually linking the music files.

Another consequence of my action: my computer no longer could see my Apple TV, but I was still able to send music to my sound system via Apple TV - I haven't figure out this one yet, because with the changes I've done, now I'm unable to synchronize iTunes and Apple TV.

Anyway, I decided to delete from and import all the music back into iTunes, this time with some changes - it worked well, but then today I decided to do something different and had to delete the music from iTunes again ... not realizing that by mistake I also deleted the original files in My Music folder - yeap, 15 days worth of music gone.

Too tired to do anything tonight, and keep you posted with my computer adventures.

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