Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carlo Lio & Dubfire @ Stereo - April 16, 2010

I remember once, after a long night of dancing at Stereo, me and my friends were the last people on the dance floor, and I remember calling Victor Calderone's name and telling him "Victor, I want to have your children". I said that because Victor had just give me the most amazing party ever, he looked at me and laughed.

Today ladies and gentlemen, Victor's children have new brothers and sister, thanks to Carlo Lio and Dubfire.

This was the first time experiencing the work of Carlo Lio and he did not disappoint, he was actually impeccable and perfect for the job of warming up the crowd for Dubfire. I was seriously hoping he wasn't going to be like Mr. Sharam, and thankfully I got a lighter version of Dubfire. He played gradually hard and intense house techno music, touching everything with some minimal here and some darkness there, and most importantly, he was dropping the music exactly when it had to be done. Carlo, you just won a new fan in Montreal, and I will see you next time you return to this city, actually you deserve to be the main attraction next time.

Being a Friday night, it was expected to have a more straighter crowd, and I was actually surprised to see the influx of the gay crowd later in the evening. The people were beautiful and friendly, and yes, we are still getting some kamikazes when they decide to walk thru the middle of the dance floor thinking they own the place, but there is hope.

Dubfire took over around 4:00am and I liked it. I believe the last time I saw him was at the Bal en Blanc (can't remember which year), and he has changed since them. I was amazed by the way Dubfire controlled the crowd, moving them up and down at his will - obviously you will always find someone that do not like the music, but looking around the consensus I must say was the same, a positive experience with a master of the music.

If you like Victor Calderone, D-Formation, Vibe and others similar djs, then you would love Dubfire, it is as one friend told me, "Dubfire is like Victor Calderone in steroid". Simply loved the techno minimal house experience of the night, the music sometimes I felt it was too loud, and for a while the dance floor was shaking with the base "blasting" from those big boxes, but to experience Dubfire touching the Stereo monster sound system was something memorable. Many times it felt as if Dubfire was creating new music on the spot.

Stereo, there is one thing that is beginning to bug me, people smoking on the dance floor - it would be nice if security were to start asking politely for them to move to the smoking section.

Very happy to have gone to this party, and by 8:30am my body told me it was time to go home. The party ended at 10:00am and my friends that stayed behind told me Dubfire got better and better - I can only imagine.

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