Saturday, April 10, 2010

Parking, Bal en Blanc, Tracy Young and Victor Calderone

April 3 to April 5, 2010

Saturday night and Tracy Young looked very relaxed and feeling at home at Parking, big smile, enjoying her Corona with lime, and you could see how ready she was to be part of the Easter weekend in Montreal, a perfect woman for the job.

In the past I have talked about the fact the majority of DJ’s are men, and it is always refreshing when you see a female DJ doing well in this business. Even better when you see new faces showing up all over the place. I just saw a flyer for another female DJ that shall be rocking Parking, and I hear of another one in Sao Paulo as well - the one that kind of took the place of DJ Ana Paula once she decided to leave her residence at The Week International. I just hope all these successful women become an inspiration for a legion of new female DJ’s, and I’m sure Tracy Young has been an inspiration to many people out there already. It would be interesting to see if the Bal en Blanc could find a female DJ to break the dominance of the “hombres” in the Trance room (*** edit: my apologies but I forgot about DJ Insomnia which has already played at the Bal en Blanc).

Tracy Young brought her usual happy tribal tunes to the dance floor, and the boys loved it, actually the place loved it because there was such a party feeling, and it was impossible not to feel intoxicated by the vibe and the music. Got to see many people I haven’t seen in a long time, and it was nice to catch up with them. Tracy was a perfect pick to host the party on Saturday night at Parking.

Sunday night came and I had already decided not to attend the Bal en Blanc main event, the idea was if I had energy and will, I would go to Stereo to see the commercial madness that Erick Morillo was expected to bring to the temple of house music. At the end I stayed home watching Spartacus, great series by the way.

Monday afternoon and the reports were already coming in about the Bal en Blanc. Overall everyone was happy with the party, no major problem occurred, unless you read a Montreal newspaper where they were talking about how one person had been arrested due to drug possession, but nowhere I read the fact this amazing event had brought thousand of people, from so many different cities, together in a peaceful night of dancing. Nowhere I read about the positive economical spin off caused by the Bal en Blanc. It was actually funny to read comments left by readers of the newspaper, on how scandalous were the customs wore by some of the party goers, and I thought the Victorian era had ended long time ago.

Several people told me how incredible David Morales had been in the House room, some newcomers had fallen in love with Ana Paula, and some were surprised by David Guetta. In the Trance room I heard good things about Sander and Markus. If I’m still in Montreal next year, I promise to give you my actual review of the party boys and girls.

Parking on a Monday night and somehow I did not feel guilt about going to a party, actually it felt good even if I had to work next day at 7:00am. I thought Victor Calderone was supposed to start spinning at 7:00pm and that’s when I arrived, but he started an hour or so later.

There were two types of people at Parking, the ones coming from a major night of dancing, and the ones well rested like myself, and on top of that you add the music by Victor Calderone and you have a nice recovery party. Victor Calderone should be declared the official DJ of the recovery party of any massive event in Montreal, nobody better than him to squeeze the final energy left in your body to get you dancing.

Victor brought the techno-house power to the dance floor and it was fantastic. Only stayed until 11:00pm so not sure if he decided to bring out the tribal army or not, and regardless if he did or not, I enjoyed the final party of the Bal en Blanc event in Montreal. You are going to laugh but this was the first time I noticed those lasers at Parking, and next day I actually worked from home instead of going to the office.

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