Friday, June 04, 2010

David Morales @ Parking - May 23, 2010

Gosh I miss Morales, and I really hope we have the chance to dance to his tunes again at the temple soon, and until then we’ll keep enjoying his performances at Parking.

Yes, I understand I’m late with this review, and I thought about not posting it, but David Morales deserves my written attention because of his last gig in Montreal, and it won’t be a full review instead I‘ll give you the short story.

What can I say? This was an upgraded Morales, you got to see all the elements of what make Morales Morales. You had the vibrant classic house music full of soul, you had the powerful divas, and we all know how much David love his divas, you had an astonishing contagious electro-techy sounds, and don’t forget about the tribal beats, and the most important of all, the energy brought by David himself.

During the evening I found myself with goose bumps in several occasions, just listening to the music and looking at how the crowd reacted was enough to make me wish the evening didn’t end. Got to hear several new tunes and wish someone could give us the set list for the evening.

The crowd was beautiful and hungry for a great evening of dancing, I thought I was never going to stop dancing, but by the time I left Parking, I had been dancing for almost 11 hours already (round 1 was at the Terrasses Bonsecours with Roger Sanchez), so please forgive me if I had to leave by 2:30am.

Why did I say it was an upgraded Morales? Because you have seen him spin before (in a good night), then imagine that ten times better, that people is an upgrade David Morales, so you can understand how impatient I’m to see his new album to be released now in 2010.

Finally, "Say Something" still makes me go crazy.

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