Sunday, July 25, 2010

Danny Tenaglia @ Stereo - July 24, 2010

Two evenings, one deejay, and a whole legion of dancers waiting for the master of the music. Many claim not to enjoy the fact Tenaglia talks to much during his set, others couldn’t enjoy him not because they didn’t want to go, but because the ticket price was too high, and others are still in awe for what they got to see and feel while Tenaglia took over of the temple.

I’m more a Saturday kind of guy, and my understanding is that lot of people decided to do the same thing, Friday was a much more intimate affair, with perhaps 500 to 600 people attending, and Saturday a solid full house. If Stereo had lowered the price to $50.00 on Friday, I bet they would have had a full house in both nights.

First surprise of the evening was to see that finally Stereo has lowered the deejay booth, and you can feel the difference in the energy, I can only imagine the wild parties Stereo will have this coming weekend, Divers/Cité will for sure make those walls sweat, and love the idea of Stereo evolving with time.

What an incredible musical taste Tenaglia has, from the moment I walked up those famous stairs, to the moment I decided it was time to go home and spend some quality time with my loved one, the music was out of this world constantly. The evolution of rhythms was perfectly layered, taking you up one notch at the time, if the evening of an university class it would had been called The Evolution of the Music, because I felt as if I was been taught what music is all about, and what better place than do it in Montreal eh?

Tenaglia started the night with deep house music, bringing of those charming tunes out of the box, flirting with the crowd, which gradually arrived in mini waves until the place was full. Deep house moved over and let some drums in the house, it got faster and faster, vocals and more vocals, then the music speed up a bit more, bringing a more industrial sound to the dance floor, the energy began to boil into more techy sounds, and of course by then Danny had already spoken a couple of times thanking us for been there, joking, and he also advised he was recording the set, I just hope he decides to release this wonderful set one day, because I only stayed for half of my class, and in order to graduate I must hear what happened to the end.

The crowd was just beautiful, great energy and well balanced with the regular “all walks of life”, hey if you want to see lawyers, doctors, fly attendants, students, engineers, company vice-presidents, gas stations attendants, and many more dancing and having fun together, then you just have to step in at Stereo. One of the reason pictures are not allowed, even thought I’ve seen Stereo relaxing in this policy, is because some people don’t want to see their pictures all over the net the next day - we just want to have fun and not worry that you were not smiling while someone was taking a picture or live posting a video in Youtube.

Some of my friends gave me the summary of what happened after I left and I missed the tribal set, the great house music splendor, and the craziness continued until around 3:00pm when it was time to go home. Tenaglia is a fantastic deejay, and if you have never seen him perform live, write it down as one thing in your “to do list”.

Danny Tenaglia wrote in his page:

Dear STEREO, thank U 4 havin me back & allowin me to do a Double Header theme. Your Venue Sound & Hospitality combined with Best Mixed, Mature & Cameraless Crowd that Dances Together in perfect harmony cannot BE compared anywhere as a package! If your not rated as #1 Club on this side of the globe, who cares? Anyone that matters know this is as Fact! I hope to BE back soon. God Bless U all & Stay on Top! Love, dt. :)

Will New York ever have another "Piece of Paradise" like Montreal has with ((((STEREO)))) ? Within the first few hours on Friday I was already extremely Envious that we don't have this here. By the time the 2nd gig was over on Sunday afternoon I left there feeling so much Joy & also sadness because this in my mind, heart, body & soul is the way: I have dreamed for it to BE - always. :-/

Tenaglia must know the love Montrealers feel for him is reciprocal and we can’t wait to see him back in our (((home))) again. Even the Fire Marshall showed up, I guess they didn’t want to miss the party as well eh? Thank you Tenaglia for such a wonderful time.

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