Saturday, July 10, 2010

España vs Nederlanden

The kingdom of Spain against the kingdom of the Netherlands, this is the Fifa World Cup final that not many people expected. Obviously I wanted Brazil at the end, thought Argentina could make it, and I believe the Germans were unstoppable, but I was wrong and Paul, the octopus from Oberhausen was right. Paul's predictions have been broad casted live to the world, and once he picked Spain over Germany, many wanted to see him grilled.

Paul's prediction for Sunday's game? Spain will rein over the Dutch

Common question I heard this week was "is it Holland or the Netherlands?" People the correct term for the country is the Netherlands, Holland is a part of the kingdom, it would be the same as referring to the United Kingdom as England, I know many Scots and Irish that wouldn't be happy if we called them English right?

The Americas will have to accept the fact they are no longer the only ones to have won a World Cup outside their own continent, now the Europeans can claim the same, and actually is a good thing a new Football power will take the throne, lets share the wealth a bit eh?

What is my prediction for Sunday's game? I have friends in both countries, and I have always like the Dutch (even if they kicked Brazil out of this cup), but my feeling is the time for Spain has arrived. Good luck to both countries, and whoever wins, we know we are going to have big celebration in Canada. It is great to live in a multicultural country, because it doesn't matter who the winner is, we always have a big celebration in our cities.

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