Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quartier des Spectacles - Montreal

There are too many things happening in Montreal and it would a shame if you stayed at home doing nothing. First I must highly recommend you to check out the Just for Laughs at the new Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal. The city has not finished building the area but you can see it will be stunning when done. I actually didn't know Saint-Catherine will become permanently pedestrian between Jeanne-Mance and Saint-Laurent.

Loved the fact the Just for Laughs have much more space to spread out everywhere, because before when they use to close Saint-Dennis or Saint-Laurent, it would get too packed and it was even hard to wall around.

Talking about the Just for Laughs, so far I had to chance to see 3 shows: Mom's the World 2, I laughed so much about the stories of these middle age moms and their stories of their teenager kids; John Leguizamo, I always wanted to see his show and had the chance this week - very funny guy and I had no idea he was actually Columbian and that Mad TV started after he was asked to leave his own show House of Buggin; and the Gala show hosted by Lewis Black, great show just unfortunate I had the bad luck to have an annoying drunk couple right behind that wouldn't shut up for a second, those people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

I still have one more show to check out, the All Star Gala show on Sunday night. By the way, the four shows only cost me $99.00 - it was a package on sale in the website. If I had bought only one Gala show ticket, it would had cost me $70.00 so you do the math.

What else is going on?

and there is also Yinon Yahel at Unity, and don't forget the Fireworks Festival tonight, and you should get your bicycle and go for a ride around the city, no bike? No worries, just rent a Bixi - love the Bixis by the way - my new taxi during the Summer.

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