Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

and in Montreal it means Black & Blue weekend, 20 years of partying for a good cause. There are many options and it will be hard to pick only one. Personally I decided to not attend the B&B 2010, but I could always hit Stereo tonight, where my boy Stephan Grondin will be taking us in a journey that only him can deliver. I'm working on Monday, so Mark Farina at Stereo on Sunday is out of question, but it doesn't mean I cannot hit Stereo after work on Monday afternoon right? No worries, I do have to work on Tuesday as well, so I would not be staying for Junior Vasquez, but a 6 to 8 hours afternoon/night work out is not a bad idea at all, specially if it is raining.

Be safe, be great, go out, make new friends, and have a blast boys and girls, and happy anniversary Black & Blue.

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