Saturday, February 19, 2011

Radiohead, and something from Detroit

On another note, I was reading about a historic building set to be demolished in Detroit, one where Diana Ross and Jack White attended high school. We all know how rich the musical history of Detroit is, the city has shaped our music in many ways, specially, but not only, Techno. Then I keep reading and hearing about the decline of this city since the automobile industry started to let their people go. The local government keep trying to revive the glory days with the same old tools with not much good results.

My question is why not embrace the musical legacy of this city and become the official power house of music? Instead of destroying those old historic buildings, perhaps they would look better as museums, instead of offering fiscal incentives to the automobile industry to stay, they should make night life the bastion of new industry. Don't know, maybe people in Detroit are already working on it and I have no knowledge in the subject, but for once instead of hearing depressing news about this city, I want to hear good vibe and tunes coming from there.

Many people would argue that music will bring more drugs and vandalism to the city, something that not already exist in other cities right? I would love to hear from you what your take in the matter. Should Detroit become the new Nashville of the Techno music, and perhaps even more? Or what else should Detroit do?

One of these days I will travel to Detroit to find out the real true of the city with the locals, and will report back to you.

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