Sunday, April 24, 2011

Javier Medina - Matinée @ Parking - April 23, 2011

Matinée, this delicious Spaniard group, which began hosting parties back in 1997, finally decided to bring their energy, enthusiasm and talented deejays to Montreal.

Parking was packed at capacity last night, and the flow of energy was contagious from the moment I arrived to the time I left. Billy Lace (NYC) was a great choice to take care of the warm up set. Nice style, full of vocals and good blending of a groovy house tunes with whatever else he dropped, and what I really enjoyed was the flow of the music, and how gradually he intensified the energy of the music.

Almost perfect transition to Javier Medina, but I guess they had to somehow stop the music in order to let the gogo boys do their, what I thought was going to be, the first show of the evening, a bit of more movement from some of the boys would had been better.

The sexy Javier Medina picked up the party and he took it to the next level, by adding more groovy tunes, with a darker and softer tech-house music, splashed with a progressive style. I think he tested the crowd with a commercial tune, but luckily he decided to continue in a darker happier path, which was a perfect fit for the night, good tech-house.

There were sporadic acrobatic shows during the evening, which probably were only visible to the people standing in front of the mini stage, nice try, but perhaps additional gogo dancers around the club would had worked better, just make sure they dance.

Javier Medina has definitely found another follower in Montreal, and I can't wait to see him again in action in our city. Lucky for us there are many live sets available out there in case you need to get a Javier fix.

Great party Parking, and thanks Matinée for one of your first events in our city.

Javier Medina - Pacha NYC - New Year's Day 2011 by Javier Medina


Anonymous said...

Most fun I've ever had at Parking!!!!! I love MATINEE!!!

artiemontreal said...

Sensacional !!
Gracias por compartir !!
Somos tus Fans No. 1