Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Surprise of the week: (((Tenaglia)))

Yes, you read correctly, Danny Tenaglia is spinning this coming Thursday (October 12, 2011) at Stereo. He came up for the Black & Blue this past weekend, and not sure if it was something planned, or something that just happened while he was here, but he is now scheduled to spin at Stereo this week. It will be good for those that didn't make it to the Olympic garage this past Sunday, so if you are not working Friday, get your dancing shoes ready and BE YOURSELF.


Anonymous said...

Actual, before coming up Danny T had offered on Facebook to play anywhere in Montreal (this was either thursday or friday). Most people suggested he should do Black & Blue and someone even said that the BBCM had sent him a message. He then asked on sunday whether someone could give him a lift from NYC to Montreal which started the rumour machine. His posts were later erased. I guess Stereo was the lucky winner of his offer.

Anonymous said...

Oops Actual = Actually

Patius said...

I saw his posting on Facebook about wanting to come up to Montreal, but did not see anything about coming and staying for the whole week and spinning at the end of his mini vacation.

I do have to work on Friday, so don't know how I'm going to pull off this one