Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Steve Lawler @ District 36 - NYC - January 1, 2012

Last time I saw Steve Lawler was at Stereo in Montreal, and he did not disappointed back them and I was hoping the same thing at District 36. My friends told about another party happening in NYC but I wanted to be there and I was happy when the final decision was to be at D36.

This was my first time at this club, and we only got there 10 minutes before 4:00am, when Steve was scheduled to start spinning. The line up to get in was not too crazy, having the usual I know X & Y and I'm fabulous so I should be let in before everybody else waiting in line.

It didn't take us long to get in, and the security was gentle enough until there were more men in the women line to be checked, well there was no sign how was I supposed to know eh? You have to walk downstairs in order to let you upstairs, and once I got downstairs I was told I had to go back to entrance to get my ticket. Quick visit to the security area and I was back at the entrance getting my arm stamped - checked my coats, and the coat-check lady was nice enough to let 2 coats in the same hanger.

Obviously Steve Lawler had already taken command of the deejay booth by this time, and when we finally made upstairs the place was rocking and tons of happy people, some happier than others. To your right you have a bar, passed the bar you have the bathrooms, and to your left you have the dance floor located on a square open room, with a second floor where the deejay booth and some tables/seats are located. If you want to have a good view of the dance floor just go upstairs and muscle your into a small spot to observe the dancers downstairs. Having Steve Lawler spinning you might be right in assume I spent most of my time on the dance floor.

The dance floor: sticky like hell - I don't know man, how is it possible to have a floor so sticky? People, can't you keep your drink in your glass? I must say it was kind of annoying because I really wanted to dance to the sexy smooth rhythm Lawler was dishing out but it was kind of hard.

Deep, dark, sexy kind of minimal techno was felt at the beginning, and progressively the music got more intensive. Vocals almost non existing at the beginning started to show up here and there. To tell you the truth Lawler has this unique style of music that drives me crazy, love when he adds the Latin sound to his music, lots of deejays do it but Lawler does it differently, leaving me with the feeling of wanting more and more. Several times I just closed my eyes and I let those chants take me elsewhere, but somewhere delicious where I felt everyone riding this incredible wave of music.

Lawler is a genius and I still don't know what happened, but afterwards Lawler posted online the fact that was his last gig at District 36. Don't know what the issue was, maybe there were some technical problems, but most likely might be something to do with the relationship with the club. Whatever the problem, Lawler kept his cool because if he was mad I couldn't tell, he was dropping this fantastic music while I was at District 36. Also I should mentioned he was spinning at another party before and after D36, is he human?

The sound system at D36 is almost as good as the one at Stereo, then again I must admit I'm bit bias towards Stereo. I spent a couple of hours and I did not have ringing in my ears, and the place has a good light system. In case you ware wondering, I did like the club but I was not wowed, nice sound system, good crowd, didn't like the numerous doors everywhere, and the music was delicious the night I was there.

The crowd was mostly straight, well behaved and without attitude, and one thing that grabbed my attention was the interesting dance off circle created spontaneously by the straight boys. I've been to several parties in NYC, mind you mostly gay events, and I had never witnessed a dance off such as what I saw at D36. I inquired about it and it sounds like it is a normal occurrence in NYC (I might be wrong). Basically a circle opens up somewhere in the dance floor and someone goes in and dance the best he can, to be then replaced by the next dancer in waiting.

Once again, I'm so glad we decided to go to D36 to see Steve Lawler, I did not stay until the end because my stomach was asking for food, and by the time I left Lawler had slowed down the music and was playing some oldies, great tunes. The best way to start the year, spending time with good friends and your love one.

Happy New Year boys and girls.


Anonymous said...

Lawler probably didn't enjoy it as much as you since he said on Facebook that he wouldn't set foot over there again ;-)

Patius said...

don't what kind of dysfunctional problem he had with the club, but I must say it did not show in his music, he was excellent.